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Monday, July 31, 2006

"Online darshan"/ Video worship of Lord Shiva / "Shiva darshan"

Om Namah Shivay! Welcome to Online Pooja and Meditatation via a virtual Shiva pilgrimage - different forms of divine Shiva and actual images of these holy spots. Check out the miracle of Shiva worship, the divinity of Shiva. Shiva helps you achieve salvation,Moksha. Zen Buddhism, Advaitism, Duality all merge into Shiva. All your wishes are granted by Mahadev. (video partly fuzzy due to google compression))

The mantra you hear - Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is addressed to Lord Shiva "Tryambakam yajamahe, Sugandham Pushti vardhanam uruva rukumiva bandhanath,mruthyor muksheeya mamruthhaath". Literal Meaning - We worship The Three-Eyed Lord Shiva who is naturally fragrant, immensely merciful & and who is the Protector of the devotees. Worshipping him may we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality just as the ripe cucumber easily separates itself from the binding stalk. Summary: By your Grace, Let me be in the Moksha / enlightened state and be saved from the clutches of fearful death.

The Maha Mrityunjay is a Moksha mantra that is said to rejuvenate, bestow health, wealth, a long life, peace, prosperity and contentment. It is taught in the Rig Veda (7 mandala 59 Chapter) as well as the Yajur Veda (3-60) showing that it is a Sruti having been received by Maharishi Vasistha, the Kula Guru of Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra. Feel free to email your feedback and suggestions.

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