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Monday, July 31, 2006

Shiva Bhakti Home page http://www.jyotirlinga.com emails

The website that I host http://www.jyotirlinga.com brings a lot of emails my way from spiritual aspirants, specifically those who are Shiva Bhaktas. Here is one for today.

Priest of our home town temple is saying their is no need to have lord Shiva statue in Shiva Prewar wherever Shivling is installed. He is claiming shivling represent Shiva and their is no need for Shiva Statue. I completely disagree with him on this matter. How a Shiva parivar can be complete without Lord Shiva Statue.

I am agnostic on this - it is personal choice and devotion/bhakti
Personally, I like having Lord Shiva representation idols, pooja room idols, paintings etc.around me.
Lord Shiva is the most forgiving God and easiest to please. THink of your devotion and love for him. He is saddened over every little tear drop that comes out of our eyes and is forever benevolent towards us - constantly keeping a watch out for us - nothing to worry.
Do what you think is best, just have devotion for Lord Shiva in your heart.

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