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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Advaitism - Duality - Advait

This has brought convergence in my quest for spirituality in the last four years. What is Advaitism? The attainment of the state where the atman knows itself for what it is and realizes that it is naught but Brahman, is the goal of Advaitism.

Takes time to understand this.

Ramana Maharishi
- The Sage of Arunachala (30th Dec. 1879 to 14th April 1950) is a world renowned Advaitism teacher. For your reading pleasure below.

If you have seen the Hollywood movie MATRIX, that may offer a perspective. Neo, is able to focus on the matrix (our world) as not real, and able to (spiritually) elevate himself. He was the chosen one, as once you are in the matrix, anyone else would be entrapped by the limitations that the matrix imposes, because the matrix feels so very real. Neo was able to work around the illusion, and got better as he gradually mastered his mind.

I quote from http://hinduism.about.com/library/weekly/aa052801b.htm
Hanuman and Yoga - If yoga is the ability to control one's mind then Hanuman is the quintessential yogi having a perfect mastery over his senses, ...... . He is also a perfect karma yogi since he performs his actions with detachment, acting as an instrument of destiny rather than being impelled by any selfish motive.

More here http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/col/col-4.htm

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