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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Anger and Karam - Two things to dwell upon

Part A - Anger
krodhad bhavati sammohah (From anger arises delusion)
sammohat smriti-vibhramah (from delusion arises confused mind / memory)
smriti-bhramsad buddhi-naso (a confused mind loses intelligence and reason),
buddhi-nasat pranasyati (a mind that has lost reason, results in total failure)
Bhagavadgita 2- 63

Think about it. When I get angry, I lose my chain of thought and reasoning, the anger overpowers me completely and the rational mind is gone for that instant. That instant can result in utter chaos - sometimes for a long long time.

Part B - Fruits of Labor
Karam Kiye ja - phal ki chinta mat kar ay insan
Oh human, work away - do not worry about your fruits.
That is so appropriate. If we can attach ourselves with our very essence to the task at hand, it will turn out so amazingly good. I have seen it happen before, and I wonder how I did it. I did it, because I wasin a stupor. Where I was not counting the eggs, but just living in the moment.

Living in the moment, is all life has to offer.
Why think of the past and the future that I have no control of?

Sometimes I feel these things are so banal, what is the point?
But it makes total sense for me at this moment.
Message from God......

So in my meditation session today, Iwas thinking of how I have gone through so many lives and gone through so many joyous and sorrowful situations. And what kind of after life awaits us. When we get to the afterlife, are we going to be like, "Dang, I didn't make the best of it" or "How stupid was I", to have ignored the miracle that life offered for me, gave me the chance, why did I ignore this spirituality when it is the most obvious thing. The world, why did I ever believe in it? Look at it now, it is bereft of any enticement for me now. So, why did I go ga ga over the various lusts that the world offers me?"

And then, reading about some corrupt politicians, who given the power to do good, use it for self gratification. And, I feel they may realise later that it was a wasted life. Or maybe, they were really intended to get those desires out of the way.

It worries me, that what is most fascinating now, might appear to be convoluted priorities. Am I doing what I really should be doing?

Such a mystery. Anybody has the answers? What's right or what's wrong?
I know what Ramana Maharishi would say "JUST BE".

Going back to meditation, was also thinking how the world has evolved, but I still get to experience what I am intended to, within the constraints of the world, advanced as it is compared to 300 years back, and primitive as it was before. Life, is poised to offer me the challenges and choices that are just right for my experience - as if a tailor has measured me up. That itself is a miracle right? That, the world changes/advances, but still probably offers me the same chance to progress (spiritually) and overcome my weaknesses, which I probably don't, life after life and yet again I am given that chance.

What I read is that the spiritual world is a 'lot faster' than our human world. What is a lifetime here is a very short span of time there, different scales. Thus, the timespan between births is a few hundred years. Don't know how much of it is true.

Why does the spirituality aspects of life eludes most folks? Or they never get to the essence, stuck in the superficial? Being successful, sometimes can be really a curse, amplifying the illusion a thousand fold and there may not be a success in any spiritual progress. But again, the wheels of life are in motion and there is no stopping.

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