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Monday, August 07, 2006


The 'Siva-Mahimna Stotra' composed by Pushpadanta is the most popular hymn on Siva in North India. Sri Ramakirshna certainly knew it by heart. One day he was reciting this hymn in one of the twelve Siva temples at Dakshineswar when he came to the following verse:
"Asitagirisamam(were the mountain) syat(ink)
kaijalam(ocean) sindhupatre (inkpot)
Surataruvarasakha(longest branch) lekhani(write)
Likhati yadi grihitva Sarada sarvakalam
Tadapi tava gunanamisa param na yati."
which means: "Oh Lord, if the blue mountian be the ink, the ocean the ink-pot,
the biggest branch of the heavenly tree be the pen, the earth the writing leaf and
taking these if Sarada, the goddess of learning, writes for eternity, even then the
limit of Your virtues will not be reached."
Reciting the aforesaid verse, Sri Ramakrishna entered into an ecstatic mood and cried out again and again, "O Great God, how can I express your great glory?" All came running towards that spot hearing the cries of Thakur. Mathur Babu was in the temple at that time. Hearing the uproar, he also came and prevented others from removing Sri Ramakrishna forcibly from the Siva temple. Mathur had already formed a high opinion about Sri Ramakrishna by that time. When Thakur came down to normal consciousness and saw the crowd, he asked Mathur whether he had done anything wrong. Mathur saluted him and said, "No, Ba Ba (father), you were reciting a hymn: I stood here lest some one should disturb you unthinkingly." Thus Mathur Babu protected and served Thakur in all possible ways for fourteen years like Nandi who eternally serves Lord Siva. Truly Mathur Babu and Hriday were to Sri Ramakrishna, what Nandi and Bhringi are to Siva. At another time, Mathur Babu actually saw Sri Ramakrishna as Siva and Kali alternately, as Thakur was pacing up and down.


  1. hari om

    your heart is a flower in the sun

    पेरुशिव नाथशिव विन्दमुक्तिशिवशिव यावच्छक्तितस्शिवओम्

  2. Thank you!

    What an allusion that poem was. Evidently there's no way one can express the grandeur of the Great Infinite Spirit (GIS) that animates this Universe.

    No wonder that the only response to the question: "Have you XPed the GIS?" is: Silence.


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