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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Karmic play - and Interference :-)

This question has bothered me for quite some time, and I still struggle with this thought.

Our human body is inhibited and hindered by karmic forces that we bring to our current life from previous lives. The good, bad, ugly deeds from lives before have to play out in our current life - after all it is all a path, a journey - that we need to pass through. Some of these dictates are in fact made by our very selves in planning out the cleansing that is needed when we are born again.

Thus, the destiny - astrological stars - that we are born with - enforce their will on our lives - seemingly dictated by these very karmic forces. For spiritual growth - for us to progress in our journey, it seems clear that we shouldn't mess with these karmic forces, but bear the consequences - accept unequivocally the good and the bad. That is the key for our progress

But, in case we attempt to fix the bad because we are unable to bear the 'pains' - through mantras, stones, rudrakshas, poojas etc etc. - does it postpone the karmic play, to maybe our next life? Does this still play out in some other form in our current life? Does this interfere with Moksha? Postpone it? Are we less inclined to get in touch with our awareness, as we get more and more transfixed on the raas Leela (illusion) of this world?

Or the very fact that we are interfering with the karmic play, influencing it positively is because we were meant to be? After all, everything was meant to be?
Or Are we hindering our progress by trying to fix the bad?

I do feel that our karma should be left to play out and that will help lead to spiritual growth.

I know the answer is - JUST BE - what Ramana would say. Don't worry about these trivial matters.

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