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Monday, August 07, 2006

Who Am I? - Good practise

Na punyam na papam na saukhyam na dukham
Na mantro na tirtham na veda na yagnaha
Aham bhojanam naiva bhojyam na bhokta
Chidananda rupah shivoham shivoham .

I am not attached to any righteousness) or sin; I have neither pleasure nor sorrow;
I have no need for any Mantra; I have no need for pilgrimages ; I have no need for any sacred scriptures; Nor will I perform any sacred rituals;
I am neither the subject nor the object nor the doer;
I am a fortunate, joyful, supreme being as the emblem of truth, knowledge and eternal bliss. I am the self spiritual joy of pure consciousness Shiva, Shivoham, Shivoham.

Pracititoners should meditate upon "I am not this physical body"
Then focus upon the thought "I am not this ethereal body"
Moving onto the astral body " I am not this astral body".
Next move onto the astral body "The mind NOT I AM" (Yoda style)
Focus next on the willpower, feeling it " The willpower is not me too"
Move to the consciousness"Neither am I the consciousness"
Finally in deep meditation "I am Shiva, I am Shiva, I am Shiva the ultimate from which everything starts and everythign ends, the state of ultimate bliss" - a bliss which once experienced, everything and absolutely everything pales in comparison to that bliss and joy and the feeling of love.

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