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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The answer is Shiva Linga -

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>I have decided that the one true living God is none other then this very manifest reality that
>we all perceive before us

Very well said Nickolas.

I truly believe in the above - this is the convergence with advaitism that I have come to realize. As if all the paths I have adopted, all the modes of worship, the mantras, shlokas etc - led this very understanding. The awareness of our true nature is God itself - the only reality - that makes all of us components of the one God. Once we get to that realization the malice, ill-will, insecurities all disappear in a second. All the other stuff that Hinduism (or any other religion for that matter) offers is but a vehicle to get to this above realization. The message is the same everywhere, KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD.

That - we are God and that we exist - is the one and only truth.... Once we realize this truth, our mind quietens down and living becomes fun - as that is the moksha, the englightenment that we are all seeking.

Moksha is not the land of dreams that we fathom, but just a state of mind. It will not get us spectacular yogic capabilites, but it will surely get us bliss, unlike any that we have experienced - as we revel in the state of actually being God. Which is what we really are right now, but the illusory world has numbed our senses into believing that it is the world that exists - hiding the real ME beneath layers.

On Namah Shivay

--- In ShivAUM@yahoogroups.com, "Nickolas" <...> wrote:
> Namaste,
> Thank you all for your kind responses. I have been contemplating
> everything that you have all said. I would like to share where I
> have arrived. To start I have found that coming to a clear idea
> about the nature of God is the first step. I began asking what is
> Shiva, is Shiva an entity, is Shiva a thought, is Shiva a symbol, is
> Shiva a State of mind, is Shiva real? I have decided that the one
> true living God is none other then this very manifest reality that
> we all perceive before us. Reality is this manifestation that
> preserves itself for a time then through its dissolution returns to
> its original nature. This manifest reality is the very body of God,
> and its movement the very Dance of God. God being this one reality
> has no form, for to know the form of Parashiva one would have to be
> separate from Parashiva in a space that was not God to Know God as
> an object, thus Parashiva is also unknowable. How can one have a
> relationship with an unknowable God? The answer is Shiva Linga.
> Linga is the manifest body of God, all of our reality is Linga. The
> Shiva Linga points to the unknowable formless nature of God and yet
> is a testament to the manifest body of God. All of this has taken
> God from being a mere Idea or a Belief into a very concrete here in
> the present moment reality. That I choose to define the one true God
> as Parashiva makes my religion Shaivism.
> Second, the other two acts of God being veiling and Unveiling unfold
> the two sides of Shaivism, 1) Bhakti and 2) Yoga. It is through Gods
> act of veiling that we conceive of a reality that consists of
> independent objects whose relative positions are the foundations
> upon which all relationships are built. The highest relation is that
> of Bhakti being Love and Devotion. It is the manifestation of Love
> and Devotion in the heart of a man that makes any act, an act of
> worship acceptable to God. When with Love and Devotion we approach
> Shiva Linga and offer puja we are living in the blessed veil of the
> manifest body of God. Through Gods act of Unveiling we realize the
> reality of Parashiva. The omnipresence of the living God. The idea
> behind Yoga is very simple, to commune with the one who is at once
> all things in undivided unity all we need to do is rest naked in our
> own souls. The vast bulk of Yoga being the taking off of the layers
> of cloths that we have put on over many years.
> Given that both unveiling and veiling are the acts of Shiva himself
> to choose one over the other is to reject the fullness of God. Thus
> I have decided that the religion of Shaivism as I will live it
> should manifest both Bhakti and Yoga. Bhakti being the most sublime
> clothing that a soul could put on and yoga being the naked soul in
> intimate communion with the Lord.
> Om Shiva Sarvagatam Prema Param Satyam Parah Shivayah.
> Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Om.
> -Venkataraman, I could not access the attached file. Would you
> please attach the file again so I could read it?
> Thank you all for your help I could not have realized any of this
> without all of you, thank you again.
> Shanti
> Nickolas

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