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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Google and spirituality and 9/11

Discussions with Simmi led to this....

Sometimes I feel we should just aspire for $$ - lots and lots of it- and that will provide equilibrium - and then we can truly live in the thoughts world, dwell upon our spiritual aspirations - fearlessly and with no guilt trip

But, it is so hard....It is hard for a person who is homeless to aspire for God when his basic needs are not being fulfilled. That is why India is such an antithesis - we have the greatest spiritualists and then the largest number of beggars. Wonder why this paradox exists.

Take Google - their work environment is a topic of discussion throughout the world. Almost 20% of the work week can be spent by their employees on other items of interest. It is like a Mela everyday at google, creativity is encouraged and mundane matters are not of concern. Such an environment exists due to their coffers being full. It will be very interesting to see if Google transitions into a Ford, as companies like Cisco have shed their aura too. When difficult times come, that is the true test of mettle, when even the brave falter and cave in. Right now Google has no worries.

9/11 impacted the US coffers in so many ways. So many people lost their jobs, and never recovered from it. US has become a very different country to what it used to be even as early as in the early 90s. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2006-09-11-sept11-fear_x.htm?csp=34 Article on 9/11 fears lingering.

Moving on....It is amazing to put it in the same equation - what happens is purely due to God's will. So what was the will in 9/11? People jumping from the towers, And the perpetrators who did it - had absolutely no conscience doing it. Didn't they realize that they will have to bear the consequences for their acts?

In moments of detachment I feel, the news has no bearing on our current state - it is just distraction. It is good enough to shut out the world and cater to our basic things in life. Look at how the world perceives of World War I & II, events of the the 60s and 70s - can be summarized so succinctly. Purely because man has no influence - it is always a snow ball effect - an avalanche of activities that lead to what transpired, there is no escape. So why waste your time dwelling on the mundane issues of the day. It should be enough to be caught up with our own lives and leave some time for the pursuit of spirituality.

Yes, we have to do the right thing in the realm of our own life - act on the priorities - that is perceived of utmost priority for us. Sometimes it is a priority to ensure that we are caught up with work - and sometimes it is to uplift our spirituality. But, I don't even have control over what will take priority for me - right at this instant?

Time to surrender?

THink about the source of the thought (that helped you prioritize) and dwell on the source - nothing but the source. That is the point of true happinees.

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  1. I hope you dont mind my dropping in.

    I am a true believer in God and spirituality. I am not however as deep a thinker as you. I really enjoyed visiting your site....and hope you dont my returning.



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