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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Life - as we don't know it

A different perspective to life - How limited mankind 's understanding is, do we know the complete story of how skin rejuvenates itself - after a cut? What exactly powers the heart, the perpetual machine of the ages that man has not been able to invent. There should be something more I am missing out on- terribly,,,,,

As I am driving, I feel a sense of detachment, akin to how a passenger sitting at the back car - an out of town visitor - is surveying the scenes as he/she is being driven through a city - not owing anything to the folks who are walking about doing their business, with not much ToDos playing in the mind. It is an uncanny feeling, where I am just being, and I don't know how much longer I will be in this skin. But, a sense of detachment breaks into me, from my bodily limitations and the variety of thoughts that flow in and out. The constant flow of thoughts are what grounds me to reality (rather the illusion of the world) - and I could break this chain, I will truly be and I will truly become enlightened.

I try to hold onto that feeling, lingers for an instant, and then I am not able to penetrate the shield of the illusory world as the buzzing thought patters once again flood the mind and I start prioritizing the next ToDos. As a child, I probably didn't understand the world or identify with its value system, but once the ego took over, it became part of my essence, and it is hard for me to get away from it...

Here is what Paul Brunton learnt during his two-hour period of
enlightenment. This is what we may realise upon when we finally
perceive of the real us.. These are excerpts from the last chapter of
his book From "A Search in Secret India". Anyone has an electronic
copy of this book? This book is well worth reading.

`Man is grandly related and a greater Being suckled him than his
mother. In his wiser moments he may come to know this. ...

Man does not put the true value upon himself because he has lost the
divine sense. Therefore he runs after another man's opinion, when he
could find complete certitude more surely in the spiritual
authoritative centre of his own being. ...

He who looks within himself and perceives only discontent, frailty,
darkness and fear, need not curl his lip in mocking doubt. Let him
look deeper and longer, deeper and longer, until he presently becomes
aware of faint tokens and breath-like indications which appear when
the heart is still. Let him heed them well, for they will take life
and grow into high thoughts that will cross the threshold of his mind
like wandering angels, and these again will become the forerunners of
a voice which will come later, the voice of a recondite and mysterious
being who inhabits his centre, who is his own ancient self....

The divine nature reveals itself anew in every human life, but if a
man walk indifferently by, then the revelation is as seed on stony
ground. No one is excluded from this divine consciousness; it is man
who excludes himself. ..

He who has once seen his real self will never again hate another.
There is no sin greater than hatred, no sorrow worse than the legacy
of lands splashed with blood which it inevitably bestows, no result
more certain than that it will recoil on those who send it forth. Hate
will pass from the world only when man learns to see the faces of his
fellows, not merely by the ordinary light of day, but by the
transfiguring light of their divine possibilities....

All that is truly grand in nature and inspiringly beautiful in the
arts speaks to man of himself. Where the priest has failed his people
the illumined artist takes up his forgotten message and procures hints
of the soul for them. Whoever can recall rare moments when beauty made
him a dweller amid the eternities should, whenever the world tires
him, turn memory into a spur and seek sanctuary within. Thither he
should wander for a little peace, a flush of strength and a glimmer of
light, confident that the moment he succeeds in touching his true
selfhood he will draw infinite support and find perfect compensation.'

"Those who have been held under the bitter waters of sorrow, those who
have moved through shadowed years in the mist of tears, will be
somewhat readier to receive the truth which life is ever silently
voicing. If they can perceive nothing else, they can perceive the
tragical transience which attends the smiles of fortune.

"Those who refuse to be deluded by their brighter hours will not
suffer so greatly from their darker ones. There is no life that is not
made up of the warp of pleasure and the woof of suffering. Therefore
no man can afford to walk with proud and pontifical air. He who does
so takes his perambulation at a grave peril. For humility is the only
befitting robe to wear in the presence of the unseen gods, who may
remove in a few days what has been acquired during many years.

"The fate of all things moves in cycles and only the thoughtless
observer can fail to note this fact. Even in the universe it may be
seen that every perihelion is succeeded by an aphelion. So in the life
and fortunes of man, the flood of prosperity may be succeeded by the
ebb of privation, health may be a fickle guest, while love may come
only to wander again. But when the night of protracted agony dies, the
dawn of new-found wisdom glimmers.

"The last lesson of these things is that the eternal refuge in man,
unnoticed and unsought as it may be, must become what it was once �
his solace, or disappointment and suffering will periodically conspire
to drive him in upon it. No man is so lucky that the gods permit him
to avoid these two great tutors of the race."

Below, for your Enlightenment pleasure, you will find listed ten
modern era Awakening experiences as selected and presented as examples
of same from Folder Five of AWAKENING 101 that should be read for
comparison purposes with:


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