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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

President who converses with God

So some guys do and get their dictates from God...

But really, where does the thought originate from?
A thought that comes to my head ...where is its origin?

Theory dictates that there is a lag between the thoughts origin and the thought hitting our head.
If I can go to that source of this thought, trace it back, trap it, and boom I will face-off with my awareness.

I just find it plain fascinating that so many minds - at this very moment - have a world of their own and are buzzing with thoughts, emotions, ideas, future plans, past memories... what would happen if all of us got to the state of being stateless?

I sit in traffic and think of how I am what I am - where I used to be - and the things I have gone through. What would it be if I was bereft of this body? Will I feel the same? A thought goes through my mind and I ask myself who is experiencing that thought, is it ME? The original me - the Me that has survived a million years - or is this ME the body? Where does ME the body get the source of energy - to have my heart beat day in and day out, and continue breathing when I sleep. So when the body is gone, will the ME that experienced that thought still remain? And how it would be to be formless like that. I really wonder....If only someone could share the secrets with me, I am sure the mahatmas and maharishis have already shared it, but I am just not ready for it (maybe).

If I could just experience the love of God...everything else pales in significance. I do want to experience it, but the inner ME tells me that miracles are not for me. Maybe, if I was the president I could have the mircle of conversing with God :-)

Why do I think of myself as so special, the world may not - but I still believe that I am very special and can do no wrong. I think that the world should love me the way I love myself. Is that my true identity - of being that special person. So who is the person that is thinking of the 'bad' thoughts. If I am so special, who is that person who conjures up such thoughts. Is there really a difference between them both?

So many questions....so many thoughts ...never ending.

I know what Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi would do...
He would be quiet, at my verbal diarrhea...
Vaya Moodara - is one phrase I have picked up.

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