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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shiv is Ashutosh

From http://www.geocities.com/shivbhakta2/shiv.htm
Very well written

Shiv is Ashutosh:-
Shiva is the only one expecting nothing fron you but a small amount of Water in return ready to give you amrit (nectar)
The only Dev (God) expecting from you not flowers but a simple leaf of baelpatra.
Shiva is the only one explaning to you the importance of Varrigya (detachment) and showing that peace and moksha is not in achieving wealth.
Onle Dev to be considered as Bhole and ready to so anything for his devotees
Shiv is that wo can drink Viish (poison) and still not demand AAmrit (nectar).
Shiv is the one who most secular and does not distinguish between dev and danav (God and Demon)
Shiv is th only one who posses all the power and knowledge of tantra.
Shiv is the one pleased so easily.
Shiv is the one who is ready to be bhakta of his bhakta.
Shiv is the one living on Kailash away from wealth and always guiding you
Shiv is the one who is ego-less and ready to sacrifice all things ...
Be a shivbhakta please to enjoy life

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