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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Being a Hindu

As Mahatma Gandhi said it, it is a way of life. Every habitant of this world is a Hindu in some form or the other.

But, a Hindu seemingly ties us, the heritage is rather thrust onto us and there is so much expectations from it. In a way, it funnels us into a certain path. I am not claiming that Hinduism is superior to any other form. Hinduism, denotes secularism. I truly feel that all the religions converge into God. If Bhagwad Geeta contains words of God, so also the Bible, Koran - words of God. There is interpretation, and then there is mis-interpretation, but words from God remain words from God. They contain the nectar of knowledge, so to speak, and the right attitude, spirit and faith - lets us soak in the nectar of knowledge. Just like the teacher teaching in class, can reach out to some and cannot help a few others.

But the funneling seems to channel us - steers us onto a course.

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