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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Got it all wrong

I see folks standing near Home Depot looking for work and I don't have the heart to tell them the model is so wrong...but they are constrained by their situation.

Similarly, I wonder if there is a fast pass to enlightenment. Maybe my priorities are so screwed up and I am constrained by my own situation....I just have to wonder.

Redemption is not possible, until the hand of God shows up.

Which leads me to this story of Gopal - true faith pays off...
I must say I have been 'embellishing' (not!) by saying that Gopal was given the pot back by his teacher and Gopal went onto start Danon (or was it Gopal) Yogurt, and made an absolute killing with this magical yogurt. And then exploring various business models, he wanted to market his yogurt not just to the folks in the next village, but also through eBay etc etc ...but I digress.

Once the hand of God manifests - the impossible becomes the possible.
Sometimes all you need is blind faith and surrender.
Just yielding - and not will power may be sufficient

Which leads me to another story
Rantideva the King...who loses everything while servicing his kingdom, as he is being tested for his fortitude. I would like to say that the story ends with his old royal palace and life restored. But it ends a bit differently....
I think if Saddam Hussein read this he would draw parallels with Rantideva, and may feel he is being tested the same way :-) but we will let him live in his imaginary world...

Once we surrender, all we need to do is enjoy the ride.
When I step back and evaluate how little of an influence I have, what the bickering and caring for the little issues leads to, it seems very easy to drop everything.
But reality the daily grind of maya, provides an altogether different perspective.

I am once again constrained by the situations of my own making.

Talk about being confused, so where does this video figure out in the scheme of things? Do I exert my own effort, or just leave it to chance and fate - if enlightenment happens it happens, it does not change anything.

My fast pass decal may not line up this life time :-(

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