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Monday, October 02, 2006

Kanna's faith - SRI KAALAHASTI temple of Lord Shiva

When I hear of such stories (see below), this story by itself represents a single quality by which this life can be redeemed. There is no need to do any pilgrimage or sing bhajans, just exhibiting such pure love for God or for mankind will get us Moksha. What about the Canadian teacher Roberta Langtry who left millions to Charity? She has left an everlasting message with her simplicity and dedication for the weak.

Frugal teacher leaves millions to charity

A Canadian teacher who lived a frugal life but gave large, anonymous donations to people in need has left a $A5.2 million fortune to an environmental charity.

Roberta Langtry, 89, kept her wealth a secret until her death last year.

The Toronto woman had worked as an elementary school teacher and speech therapist for 55 years, quietly amassing millions, mainly from financial investments.

Her executor and long-time friend, Robert Borden, said: "She was friends with all her neighbours and they loved her but had no idea she had two nickels to rub together".

Mr Borden, who became Ms Langtry's financial adviser in 1973, said the retired teacher had been deeply environmentally conscious and incredibly frugal.

She once urged Mr Borden to invest in a company that made plastic picnic tables in the hope that they would take off, curbing the need for wooden ones and helping save trees.

- Reuters

At Srikalahasti, Lord Shiva tested the unshakable devotion of Kanna (Later became Bhaktha Kannappa) before the sages gathered at Srikalahasti. With his divine power, Lord Shiva created a Tremour and the roof tops of the temple began to fall. All the sages ran away from the scene except Kannappa who covered the Linga with his body from any damage. In another incident, Kannappa plucked out one of his eyes and placed in the eye of Linga which was oozing with blood and tears. When the tears and the blood were still trickling from another eye, Kannappa decided to remove his second eye and placed one of his feet on the spot of the right eye of the Shiva Linga. Before he could pull out his second eye with the arrow, Lord Shiva appeared and restored his eye while granting him a boon to occupy a place close to him.

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