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Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Ajna chakra

So I hear it is a bad idea to talk about our spiritual experiences openly...
neverthless here I go

I have this dancing white dots in front of my eyes.
Blue flashing after meditation.
And dancing bees in front of both my eyes, that move with my eyes.

----- I quote from David below - ----------------
>Do I need a 3D or a real brass/copper Sree Yantra or a print out of the picture would be sufficient?

It's up to you, but a print that easily hangs from the wall is sufficient. I don't recommend a 3D or ornate Sree Yantra as it could distract from practice. For example, I've found that lettering in the triangles is a distraction. Remember, the picture is just an aid for self-abidance. The point (no pun intended) is to focus on the bindu and the "I". Let the focus on Sree Yantra bindu help you hold fast to the "I". Keep the physical form of Sree Yantra very simple.

>Do I need to concentrate on the heart space or is focusing on the 'I' using the technique below sufficient?

Holding fast to the "I" is sufficient. To repeat Bhagavan's quote, ""As often as the mind goes out toward outward objects, prevent it and fix it in the Self or 'I'. This is all the effort required on your part." Day by Day p.287 The practice of Self-abidance is the essence of simplicity. No other practice is necessary. I have found that ajna bindu concentration and Sree Yantra concentration can be useful in helping to hold fast to the "I".

>And if I may - Are you in touch with your heart space?

I come from a yoga background. Verse 4 from Arunachala Pancharatna states,

Abandoning the outer world,
The mind and breath controlled,
To meditate on Thee within,
The Yogi sees Thy Light, O Arunachala!
And finds his delight in Thee.

I have seen the living cosmic Sun that is the "I" of this universe.

You may be interested to know yogis declare that at the ajna chakra is the Shiva granthi (or knot). If you can pierce the knot, oneness with Shiva results. Holding fast to the "I" at the ajna bindu is thus the greatest Shiva bhakti that leads to piercing the knot.

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