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Thursday, October 19, 2006

YouTube - open source - collective convergence

Online video - who would have thunk it?

Launched in February 2005, YouTube now attracts 72 million individual visitors each month and has 100 million videos viewed every day. YouTube 67 employees, including co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, have done it in just 20 months. They have achieved something that folks spend lifetimes in pursuit. Sequoia Capital, recognized the diamond in the rough...

Online video was disparaged in the beginning - people just didn't see where it was going. Let alone making $1.65B of it. On its own, the online video concept was easily put down upon, who would watch movies online, in the age of big screen tvs for instance. But when you put 72 million individuals together everytday, it created something beautiful and magical, and transformed the day to day experience of youtube into a totally enlightened $1.65B worth.

Thus, open source makes a lot of sense. You never know what the pool of human minds can create of anything - when they seemingly converge upon something that fascinates it casually...growing into an obsession. The online video has revolutionized the web content now, and the story is still unsaid...there is another DAS BOOT waiting to happen, it is going on in someone's garage right now in Bangalore...Give them the tools and they will create history.

But the point I really wanted to make was this - that once the human minds get sick and tired of the techno garble that we hold onto with so much passion, when we really start taking a look at our minds and souls, new frontiers will emerge and that is when the spiritual growth of the world will happen...Right now it is still in the early stages. Then, the schools and the universities will be teaching the concept of the spiritual minds and oneness with our own awareness...

Once the floodgates are open, there is no turning off. But there is a time for everything.

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