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Monday, November 27, 2006

Author unknown - the Arunachala hills beckon your Atman within

>I had been reading a lot on
> Sri Ramana > Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Vivekananda. A
> year ago, > spirutuality was something of an idle curiosity to
> me. Then suddenly,> out of the blue, I started diving into it with a
> hunger that > surprised myself. I made my first trip (and only
> trip so far) to > Tiruvannamalai some months ago, along with a couple
> of friends. We > drove down from Bangalore.
> As we neared T'Malai, all of us who have been > talking continuously,
> fell silent. It was as though the silence really > 'descended' on us.
> And as the Arunachala Hill came into our view and
> the view got > bigger and bigger, the need to talk seemed to have
> just dropped away.
> And after we drove into the town and settled down at
> the Atithi > Ashram, we came out to look at the Holy Hill. It was
> around 6.30 in > the evening and the sun had just set. The sky was
> faintly alight with > the afterglow of sunset. The Arunachala Hill,
> considered to be a > physical and natural manifestation of Lord Shiva,
> was silhouetted > against the darkening sky.
> I would never forget the feeling I had as we stood
> around in an > empty maidan and looked at the Hill!
It wasn't just> an insentinent
> hill. It was Immobility itself, it was Majesty
> itself, it was Silence > itself, It was the Source itself! It was like gazing
> at Lord Shiva in > meditation - rock-like and timeless. We just stood
> there, our eyes > glued to the hill, with awe and wonder in our
> hearts. With peace and > nameless thankfulness flooding our hearts. An
> unfogettable experience!>

> To speak the truth, I have always been a reluctant
> pilgrim - I could > never identify or enjoy crowded temples and loud
> rituals. I am also > not given to excesive emotionalism and credulity.
> But I can also tell > you this: Standing there in that grassy patch, with
> evening traffic > noises from the nearby road floating down, and
> gazing at that power-> filled sight of the Hill - I feel I came closest to
> God, the > unmanifest potential.
> PS: There are many other hills around Arunachala,
> and geographically, > there is nothing unique about the hill. It is just
> like any hill with > scattered boulders and sparse vegitation. But try to
> look away and > you will feel the silent power of this spiritual
> center! It is like a > silent call to our source!

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