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Friday, November 24, 2006

Hidden secrets

Watching Dan Brown discuss DA VINCI CODE - this theory has been around for a long time. That Jesus was a mortal and has a lineage that can be traced to the current world. True or not, it certainly is a wonderful theory, the secrets of Vatican and such make it certainly intriguing.

Just makes me wonder - what do we really know? Do we really understand things, can we accept things on face value or have to really dig down deeper to uncover the truth? The world itself appears so real, but is it really? Why the deception? Why is truth so hard to grasp upon..JFK? 911? What lies behind the facade of deception? Zone 51?

It is all an exercise in futility. There is one and only one truth - that I exist...
I think we all know this, but we are still sucked into the whirlpool of the world and get fascinated with the trivial....

Spoiler alert: the book’s big secret is that the Holy Grail isn’t a cup, but a code, of sorts, for the lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Magdalene, it turns out, wasn’t a prostitute, but a close companion of Jesus. Her real identity was concealed by early church leaders who feared the truth would undermine church teaching on celibacy (which, of course, hasn’t been questioned since). “The church, in order to defend itself against the Magdalene’s power, perpetuated her image as a whore and buried evidence of Christ’s marriage to her,” one character explains breathlessly, “thereby defusing any potential claims that Christ had a surviving bloodline and was a mortal prophet.”

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