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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Living with Spirituality / Spiritualist seekers

Varanasi Ghats

Rishikesh and Haridwar

Urban Mumbaikar

Urban Mumbaikar on the streets

SanFrancisco, Silicon Valley

Picture of hermit caves of Mansarovar

Does it matter which part of the world we live in?

There are sages living in the Himalayas, in the caves of Manasarovar,
or in the hermitage of Haridware, Vatican,
or spiritualist aspirants in the urban sprawl of the cities of Varanasi, Mumbai or Bangalore
or even in the liberal capital of the world San Francisco or Moline, Illinois...

Living in India, spirituality though seeps into the very essence of our soul.
I think it is helpful, being grounded in reality like that. Having all the affluence of the western world for instance can skew reality in our minds. But on the other hand, living in India, spirituality is taken for granted, the grass being greener on the other side of the ocean. Thus spirituality becomes passe and sometimes shunned. Whereas, living in the western world automatically creates a mistique about everything eastern, and the eastern spirituality grows in value, helps bring perspective on its importance. But I must add, having the green is always a good thing to the spiritualist aspirant, haven't seen very many people who are worried about where the next meal is coming from, worry about how they can progress spiritually. Nisargadatta also had a relatively stable life at his spiritual zenith, and I think that maybe very important, unless we elevate ourselves to the state of the maharishi's sitting in the Himalayas.

But the bottomline still is - spiritual aspirants are born - we are altogether a different species, that is guaranteed. Our species, has the right attitude, and irrespective of where we are, what we have experienced, everything is prepping us to forget ahead in the world of spirituality. We are born the achieve, experience, salvitate(ion) and revel in the glory of the the Godliness that exists and seeps into the very core of our being to an extent that it bites us, gnaws at us, every single day, constantly reminding us of the nature of this world and our responsibility (to us).

Yes, we are the chosen ones, we have been offered the red and blue pill and we have made the right choice. It does not matter where we live, where we are, the very fact that I am typing this and you are reading this - indicates that we are the chosen ones.

We are already evolving, and it is in our destiny to achieve that state of moksha, the enlightened Buddha like state, there is a very thin dividing line that separates us from the other side, and all we can do is keep thinking about it, and it will eventually fall into our lap - as easily as the apple that fell into Newton's, or as easy as Archimedes fell into the bath water...when things have to happen - it happens effortlessly, with rarely a sweat when the starts align for us. So no point in fretting and fuming, but enjoy the ride - knowing that the destiny is ours and we are the chosen ones.

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