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Sunday, November 05, 2006

My hiatus

I bit of a hiatus there, as the personal life took over - and it was amazing to find out that as I tried to keep pace, how quickly the spiritual thoughts fell out of perspective. Conclusion: A spiritual life and thought is also fated. Thus, if I am dwelling on it, I should be thankful and make the best use of the opportunity to enhance that chain of thought and get to that spiritual growth. But even that thought, gets implanted from somewhere.

Ummm....I really should give up....I am never in control anyway. Just BE!

Which brings me to another topic, had a buddy visit on Friday, and I was a bit struck by his ability to focus and get lost in the beauty of life, derive pure pleasure in just listening to music, from the depth of the soul, and I wonder where I lost that. That pure pleasure, that used to soak my body and soul and every ounce of me, as I immersed myself into something. Now, it is just jumping from one thought to another, one act to another, one to-dos to another, hardly a pause anywhere. I guess I do need a paradigm shift - reprioritize and cast away the useless, and stick to the value statement of life as it should be.

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