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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pranayama for Health and Spiritual upliftment - Ramdev Guru's Pranayama

Ramdev Guru’s Pranayama Technique

adapted from teachings of

Maharishi Patanjali


Minimum Duration

Max Duration

Bhastrika Pranayam

2 minutes

5 minutes

KapalBhati Pranayam

5 minutes

10 minutes

Bahya Pranayam

3 times

11 times (15 seconds each)

In winter do it 21 times - total of 5 minutes

Anulom-Vilom Pranayam

12 times one side and 12 times other side

Bhrahmri Pranayam

5 times

5 times – lasting 5 minutes

Udgeeth Pranayam

5 times

Ujjayi Pranayam



Pranayam Video - starts a minute in

Asanas Video

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Pranayam is as old as Yoga, but Ramdevji has created a social stir by bringing it to the limelight. Though its origin is shrouded in antiquity, it was organized in a definite system by Maharishi Patanjali in his treatise "Yoga Darshana" (Philosophy of Yoga) or "Yoga Sutra" (Aphorisms on Yoga) as it is popularly known. While so far most of the focus was on Yogasanas (Yoga exercises), this unique and ancient breathing technique was not given much importance. Ramdevji says that in his life he has discovered that if practiced for a long duration of time, it has the power to overpower and counteract several illnesses, apart from rejuvenating the body.

Keeping this in mind he advocates seven types of Pranayam techniques along with a set of Yogasanas for daily living. Some of these most popular ones are Bhastrika, Anulom-Vilom, Brahmri and Kapalbhaati. These techniques have become so popular that their names are on everyone's lips. Kapalbhaati has become the most famous mantra for those wishing to reduce their weight. And, more so as the visual demonstration (on TV) is extremely impressive - air being taken in through the nostrils and thrown out by pushing the stomach in.

Ramdevji explains that Pranayam follows a scientific method. While the 'breathing-in' technique rejuvenates the tissues of the body and supplies more oxygen to them, the 'breathing out' technique churns out the toxins from the body.

But, Pranayam is so effective that not only does it cure them (ailments), it also has no side effects.

Yoga means concentration of mind. Both the body and the mind becomes strong with yoga. In this the respiratory system is to be preserved for the existence. Thinking is the root cause of old age. Yoga is the only way which works the inner thought and to keep the body in normal condition. Yoga Education is as essential as, air, water & light. All types of diseases are cured by Yogasan and Prayanayam. The main object of Yoga is to have Daiva Sakshatkara, Moksha and Brahama prapti in addition to maintain physical health. Patanjali Maha Rishi has narrated this Yoga in 185 slokas as Patanjali Yoga Shastra,
Swamy Ramdevji of Haridwar is preaching this Pranayam for the welfare of the Humanity.

Pranayam means controlling of Pran (breath) to activate our body,One has to perform the following Pranayam for about 30 minutes with full concentration and faith to cure all
sorts of diseases and to keep a healthy body & pure mind by closing the eyes in Dhyan Mudra,

YOG ASANAS FOR: Heart disease , Diabetes, Weight loss, stomach problems, Cervical, spondylitis, slipped-disc, sciatica, spinal problems, sinus, asthma, and arthritis etc. are treated by means of various asanas (postures) like manduk asan, shaskh asan, uttan-pad asan, pavanmukt asan bharkya asan and bhujang asan etc. these asans are taught with precise traditional scientific knowledge and rational systems.

B) PRANAYAM (Rhythmic Control of Breath), BANDHA (a posture where certain organs of the body are contracted and controlled) and KUNDALINI JAGRAN (awakening of one's divine cosmic energy) -Via the teachings and instructions of Bhastrika Pranayam (long and short breath control ), Ujjayi Pranayam (expansion of lungs), and through different techniques like Mool Bandha, Uddhiana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha etc,and by way of Kundalini Jagran, a disciple is able to study, experience and achieve union with the Supreme Universal Soul- Brahma


Yoga & Pranayama (Breathing techniques) is to be done on empty stomach after you have been to the toilet first thing in the morning. The following Yoga and Pranayama will take just 25-30 minutes daily. For faster results, you may do "Yoga Excercises" & "Pranayamas", in the evening for the second time, but please ensure that there is a gap of 4 -5 hours, after meals. (Swami Ramdev Ji recommends it is 95% Pranayama & 5% yoga exercises so you have to stop doing Pilates and jogging altogether, as that may displace your Navel again. )

. "Bhastrika Pranayama", "Kapalbhati", "Bahya Pranayama with Agnisaar Kriya", "Anulom-Vilom Pranayama", "Bhramari Pranayama", "Ujjayi Pranayama" & in the end "Shavaasan".


Do not do in full stomach

Do not do fast- do slowly, with joy and happiness, say OMKAR while breathing in and out.

Although modern societies condone drinking, many other ageless practices emphasize the non-drinking of alcohol. So most important is to be true to yourself and your constitution.


Sit normal or in Padmasana and index finger and thumb together raised up

Say om at every inhalation and exhalation

1 ) Bhastrika Pranayam 5 minutes –@ 06:15 minutes of CD1 Blacksmith’s roar

Dharti ki Sanjivani

Technique – Your upper body should expand up and inhale deeply. Fill breath from chest to diaphgram. breathe in and breath out with equal pressure – do not pause - Heavy out breathing –world In this way of breathing the participants have to use of the chest muscles, the diaphragm as well as the rib cage.

Mindset - feel happiness and intake of all auspicious. Imagine taking in the purities of the ‘

Impact – All 5 senses are revitalized. Diabetes.CHARISMA, strength. Heart diseases, Asthama, Thyroid diseas. Mygrane pain. Depression, Eye sight

Chakras = aura is getting strong, divya shakti, aabha mandal uska vistaar hota hai, energy of

Minimum Duration - for 2 minutes,
Maximum Duration - not more than 5 minutes,

Breath in and breath out very fast from both the nostrils, the abdomen moving up and down just like a bellows of a blacksmith. Continue for sometime according to one’s capacity and stop. This creates much heat in the body.

2) Kapal Bhati 10 Minutes(ForeHead Glow) Pranayam 11:11 minutes of CD - CYCLE PUMP

Technique – slowly, breath out hard , compressing stomach DO NOT BREATHE IN..
DETAILS: In this exercise diaphragm is used extensively for vigorous, forceful and continuous exhalation. The exhalation is active whereas inhalation is passive. The participant has to begin with full inhalation by closing the mouth lips tightly closed, tongue sticking to palate, chin tucked near throat so as to lead the exhaled rush of air through the nasal passage forcefully. The force is exercised by the diaphragm, by pulling in all the stomach muscles. This action is to be repeated continuously, wherein the stomach muscles will be pulled in, and relaxed in quick succession. Air will be forced out of nostrils and nasal passage when the diaphragm is pulled in. In the relax stage of the diaphragm air will be automatically sucked in. More air will be thrown out than inhaled. After about 6 to 7 successive exhalations, volume on air going out of nose will reduce. Then participant should relax to take deep breath to repeat the whole exercise once more. During this exercise all the mucus blocking the nasal passage would be thrown out. Therefore, participants may keep handkerchief on hand. However, one did not feel embarrassed because of this. One should rather feel happy that the obstructions in the respiratory system are being remove In this pranayama, the act of inspiration or breathing in is to be done with normal usual force but the act of exhalation has to be done with as much of force as is at your command. In doing so, the abdominal area, also makes inward & outward movements and considerable force is applied to the Manipura, Swadhishthana & Muladhara Chakras.
Mindsetconcentrate on Muldadhara chakra, concentrate that all toxins are getting out. All the desires pent up, from previous lifes, all the bad thoughts, all the diseases are getting out.
Impact – Diabetes, reduce cholestrol, obesity, Hernia. Concentration, Reduce cholesterol, fat, allergic, asthma, EVERYTHING. Kapal Bhati pranayam cures, all type of heart disease, Kapal Bhati Pranayam cures, arthritis, Diabetes, Acidity, Allergy, Depression, Tension, obesity, Neck pain. Sinus problem. Thyroid problem, Eye & Ear problems, Back Ache, Joint & muscular pains, constipation, skin diseases, Blood circulation. Nerves pain, leucoderma, cancer, hyper tension (BP), Cholesterol, dissolves fibroids in uterus, there is no disease that cannot be cured by kapalbhati – never be affected by any illness your whole life. Cancer will dissolve. All the diseases should be thrown out.
Chakras – Kapal par ek deep hota hai, Muladhar is activated, to increase brilliance of face, to make your body beautiful.
Minimum Duration –Minimum time is 5 minutes, (Start with 30 times only. start with 1 minute,)
Maximum Duration Time is 10 minutes


3 Ba(s)hya Pranayam 21 times 15 seconds duration22:37 in CD (jalandhar band, deyan band, mulband ) bashya means push breathe out

Rechak means breathe out.

Technique – Difficult to understand – breathe in , Breathe out very heavily, then put head down touching chin with your throat and suck stomach in towards the back, bring the stomach part that is below naval up, bring head back up and breathe in, and then release out very heaviliy


DO not do - if Heart or BP

Impact – Urine related, Prostrate, dhatu related, Hernia, lack of minerals is compenstated for, related to urine fixed, prostrate (DO not do if Heart or BP). With this pranayams all sorts of stomach problems, obesity. Liver and Kidney diseas~ ill be cured. The heart patients & pregnant ladies not to do this pranayam.

Chakras – This is a natural follow through after Muladhar jaagrit from #2 above.

Min Duration – 3 times minimum to 5 times, It has to be done 5 times with duration of 15 seconds each time.

Max Duration - maximum 11- sheet kaal may 21 times

Bahya Pranayama-
1. Sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana.
2. Breathe out or expirate as much as possible.
3. Do Mulabandh, Uddiyanbandh & Jalandharbandh simultaneously keeping the breath out. Keep yourself in this position as long as you can.
4. When you desire to breath in, do so slowly, unlocking all the bandhas.
5. Begin breathing normally without retaining the breath in. Do this for 3 to 4 times

4 Anulom-Vilom Pranayam for NIRVICHAAR STITHI (no thought – and experience divine love, bliss)– start at 27.25 minutes in CD

TechniqueIn this Pranayam one has to close the eyes in Dhyan Mudra, LEFT IS CHANDRA/IDA AND Right is SURYA / INGALA Start with Chandra. Right hand raise, close right nostril using thumb, breathe in using left. Release your right hand and using RING finger close the LEFT nostril (and breath out with right nostril, breathe in using right, close left and breath out using right.. Fill your Phepdo fill up, Not your stomach.s. DO NOT FILL STOMACH. FILL PHAYPHDO /lungs WITH AIR, that is where it gets absorbed. Do it slowly. DO NOT PAUSE. At least10 minutes for kundalini jaagran – and then after that you find the inside Brahman. Body has nectar, discover it – discover the prana. Conquer Death. Once you get the nirvichaar – you get the truth of the world.

Mindset – Imagine all chakras are getting activated, feel happiness, ease and happiness. Feel the joy from God, divya gyan.

Impact – Nadiyon ka shodan, Reduce heart blockages, High BP, Lower Choestrol, reduce toxicity, remove artery blockage, High BP, Kundalini, vaath and pith rogs, including arthritis, varicose veins, reduce tryglycerides. Head and heart problems. Mental problems. This Pranayam ~ures, HBP and LBP, cervic spondilitis, all eye, ear & Nose related problems, skin diseases, Leucoderma, Depression and all brc related problems,

Chakras - Muladhar gets jaagrit, get to nirvichaar, we find the inside brahma. Desires of previous lives are gone.

Minimum – 10 times starting with left and then again 10 times starting with right. 5 minutes minimum. DO NOT RUSH INTO IT. REST in BETWEEN.

Duration – At least10 minutes for kundalini jaagran – and then after that you find the inside Brahman. Body has nectar, discover it – discover the prana. Conquer Death. Once you get the nirvichaar – you get the truth of the world.

Inhale thru left nostril:count of 4; Hold:count of 16; Exhale thru right nostril:count of 8; Do not hold at all:count of 0; Inhale thru right nostril:count of 4; Hold:count of 16; Exhale thru left nostril:count of of 8;and so on:for 15 minutes. In the morning,with empty stomach,aftre evacuation of stools and urine,after cleaning nose. When inhale:always make abdomanial breathing. It helps a lot if we do it regularly,at the same time daily for a month and so on.Most effective remedy. Thanks, B K Dugar,Bangkok,14.6.2005.

Close your Right Nostril with thumb, breath in with left nostril for 4 secs, then close your left nostril and breath out from right nostril slowly in 6 secs. Then reverse it, close left nostril, breath in from right and close right nostril and breath out from left. continue for 5-10 mins

Place the tips of the thumb and the ring finger of the left hand on both the nostrils of the nose. Find out which nostril is active – say the left nostril is active;

Take a deep breath from the left nostril;

Close the left nostril with the tip of the thumb.

Leave the breath fully with right nostril.

Close the right nostril with the tip of the ring finger.

Take the breath fully with left nostril.

Close the left nostril with the tip of the thumb.

Leave the breath fully with the right nostril.

Repeat this process for ten times counting ( 1,2,3,…10) from the fingers of the right hand then shift to the other side of the nostril;

Take a deep breath from the right nostril;

Close the right nostril with the tip of the ring finger.

Leave the breath with the left nostril.

Close the left nostril with the tip of the thumb.

Take the breath with the right nostril.

Close the right nostril with the tip of the ring finger.

Leave the breath with the left nostril.

Repeat this process for ten times counting (1,2,3….10) from the fingers of the right hand. This helps in activating both the nostrils.

5 Brahmri Pranayam –like a brahmar OMKAR JAP - follow with UDGITH - – start at 39 minutes of CD1

Technique – close ears with thumb, breathe in fully, one index finger on ajnya and three fingers on eye corners, focus on Ajnya chakra, breathe in, chant Mmmmmm on the Omkar, chant with your nose – not mouth internally, when done, breathe out and then breathe in again.. In this pranayam thumbs of both the hands to be kept on ear & close the ear with thumbs. Keep 1 st finger of both the hands on the forehead and third finger of both the hands on the eye and close the eyes and chant "OM" through nostrils by closing the mouth, while doing this take full breath from nose & leave it by making a sound as "Bhavara" through nose

Mindset - ???

ImpactIt calms and purifies the nerves, helps stabilize the mind and increases the mental faculties. It helps cure certain serious types of headaches. Gets you positive energy. Gets you Shaktipat, gets you brahma anand. DIvya alop in Ajna chakra. This pranayam also called as peace of mind Pranayam and concentration of mind and meditation in tl Almighty, with this Pranayam all sorts of depression. migraine pain and head ache cured and one will ~ more shanti and peace.

Chakras – Ajnya

Duration – This has to be repeated 5 to 11 times times and not open the eyes till the completion of next pranayam i.e. Udgeet Pranayam.

Close the ears by placing tips of thumbs in the ears.

Close the eyes by placing tips of index finger and middle finger on the eyes.

Close the nose by placing tips of ring fingers on both the nostrils.

Close the mouth and place the tips of little fingers on the edge of lips.

Now open one nostril – say left nostril – by lifting the left ring finger. Take a deep breath from the left nostril;

Close the left nostril by left ring finger.

Open the right nostril by lifting the tip of the right ring finger.

Leave the breath with the right nostril with the humming sound “M”mmmmmm.

When the whole air is gone out completely, take the breath from the same nostril.

Close the right nostril from the tip of the right ring finger.

Leave the breath with left nostril with the humming sound “M”mmmmmm.

Take the breath with the same left nostril;

Close the left nostril with the tip of the left ring finger.

Leave the breath with right nostril with the humming sound “M”mmmmm.

Repeat ten times. With this type of breathing, both the nostrils are activated at the same time.

6 UDGITh – start at 45 minutes

Technique – Breathe in, say OMmmmmmmmmmmm, breathe out slowly while saying OM. teen matra omkar, ardh matra nakaar ki. This pranayam has to be done by sitting in Dhyan Mudra by closing the eye and Chant 'OM' svar (shabad) by taking full breath and continue OM swar till the end of breath. After this pranayam sit in the dhayan mudra for about 30 seconds and then raise bc hands and rub both the thumbs and keep the hot palms on both the eyes and open the eyes slowly.

Mindset – Ask God for merger, say it with meaning and bhav.

Impact – Lower . This pranayam will cure all sorts of depression and you will become thought less and feel yourself so jig

Chakras – IDA, PINGALA and SUSHUMNA sangam, call brahma

Duration – . It has to perform 5 times Practice slowly so that a stage may reach when only one act of respiration takes one minute.

Udgith - After performance of the six pranayama mentioned above concentrate your mind on the respiration and mediate on the sacred Mantra “AUM”.
God has fashioned the shape of our brows like “AUM”. This body and the universal cosmic body are filled with this mantra. It is not the figure or expression of any individual thing, but it is a divine energy, which regulates the entire functioning of the universe.
Sit in Sukhasan, Siddhasan , Padamasan & with every act of breathing in & breathing out, mentally go on repeating the Mantra “AUM” . The speed of respiration should be so slow and subtle that you yourself also may not aware of sound.
Practice slowly so that a stage may reach when only one act of respiration takes one minute.

BAD TAPE after

7 UJJAYEI PRANAYAM– start at 50 minutes TIGERS ROAR

Technique – In this exercise we start with forceful inhalation with all the force concentrated at one’s throat. Mouth is tightly shut. Chin raised slightly so as that the air brushes against one’s throat while passing in and also during exhalation. The air brushing vigorously will make guttural sound. During the exhalation press your stomach inside by pulling the diaphragm upwards. Later on press the rib cage down using your chest muscles. While breathing in first relax the diaphragm allowing the stomach to inflate. Expand the rib cage upwards thereafter. Repeat the exercise 5 times i.e., 5 inhalations and 5 exhalations. This exercise will clear one’s throat and trachea. Remove all the obstacles in the same manner. In the case of an unclear passage in a person, this may cause coughing and as a result, he/she we may have to spit out whatever mucus and other things that are obstructing the passage.

Mindset - asdfasdf

ImpactThe most effective Pranayama for thyroid problems is Ujjayi. It acts on the throat area and its relaxing and stimulating effects are most probably due to stimulation of ancient reflex pathways within the throat area, which are controlled by the brainstem and hypothalamus. This practice also gives us direct access into the pranic and psychic net work, the substructure of metabolic activity. Nadi shodhana pranayama is useful in re-balancing metabolism.

Chakras – ss

Duration – ss
the victory or ocean sounding breath
focusing, grounding, and aids in concentration

Ujjayi Pranayama is called the ocean sounding breath because you make an ocean sound by contracting the glottis with the inhalation and exhalation. This Pranayama is done through the nose, but it is helpful to begin practicing breathing through the mouth. To make the ocean sound, whisper the syllable "h," feeling the contraction in your throat. Keep this contraction engaged on the inhalation and exhalation. After a couple of breaths try to close the mouth, breathing through the nose while still making the ocean sound in your throat.

Also known as: Hissing Breath, Victorious Breath

Benefits: Concentrates and directs the breath, giving asana practice extra power and focus.

This pranayama is most often used in association with the practice of yoga poses, especially in the vinyasa style. Vinyasa yoga is breath-synchronized movement, and the breath used is Ujjayi breath. Learn this breath while seated in a comfortable cross-legged position. Once you feel confident, begin to use it during asana practice.

1. Inhale and exhale deeply through the mouth.

2. On the exhales, begin to tone the back of the throat, slightly constricting the passage of air. Imagine that you are fogging up a pair of glasses.

3. Once you are comfortable with the exhale, begin to apply the same toning of the throat to the inhales.

This is where the name of the breath comes from: it sounds like the ocean. It also sounds like Darth Vadar.

4. When you are able to control the throat on both the inhale and the exhale, close the mouth and begin breathing through the nose. Continue applying the same toning to the throat that you did when the mouth was open. The breath will still make a loud noise coming in and out of the nose. This is Ujjayi breath.

5. Now start to use this breath during your practice. If the teacher tells you to move on an inhale, make it an Ujjayi inhale. If you need a little something extra while holding a pose, remember this breath.

Another way to think about Ujjayi Breath is to visualize your throat as a garden hose, with the breath passing through like a trickle of water. If you put your thumb partially over the opening of the hose, you increase the power of the water that is coming through. This is the same thing you are doing with your throat during Ujjayi breathing. The air that comes in through your constricted throat is a powerful, directed breath that you can send into the parts of your body that need it during yoga.

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