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Monday, November 06, 2006


I received this following query by email

"Who is great shiva vishnu ,bhrama. who is behind this universe . what did they do for people, did they die? who is in the vedas . vishnu ,brama , or shiva . is god a female or male. please answer this question"

My response
I am incapable of responding to this question (I am, but that would beating around the Bush - literally this election day) but I do know what other great rishis would respond with.

They would ask
"why dwell on these questions, think about who you are?
Get in touch with your own awareness, find out the ultimate truth and the only truth, that I exist. "That I exist", that is the one and only truth SHIVOHAM, SHIVOHAM, SHIVOHAM"

And in my search for Shivoham, I bumped into this page http://www.geocities.com/ramya475/Nirvanashatkam.htm and the Nirvanashatkam took on a new meaning as I read it, a different view and perspective, which was overwhelming in some ways, considering my earlier post. The truth is out there, why do we shy away from the one and only truth....
It also seemed to be a letter from God, as I too had started down the path of SHIVOHAM...

From http://www.geocities.com/ramya475/Nirvanashatkam.htm

Nirvana Shatkam

(Sextet of salvation)

This is one of the rare stotras written by Adhi Sankara Bhagawat Pada identifying himself with the Lord Shiva and clearly explaining his theory of non-dualism. It is mellifluous and has remarkable tempo. There is a story that one of his disciples started saying Shivoham like the Acharya without understanding its significance.The Acharya visited the black smith’s house and happily drank one tumbler of molten iron and ordered the disciple to do so.Naturally he was not able to it. The Acharya told him that as for himself the molten iron or ice cold water are not different because he has realized that he is no different from Lord Shiva, And till the disciple attains that state, there is no point in his repeating Shivoham i.e “I am Shiva”

Mano budhya ahankara chithaa ninaham,

Na cha srothra jihwe na cha graana nethrer,

Na cha vyoma bhoomir na thejo na vayu,

Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham. 1

Neither am I mind, nor intelligence ,

Nor ego, nor thought,

Nor am I ears or the tongue or the nose or the eyes,

Nor am I earth or sky or air or the light,

But I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,

Yes ,I am definitely Shiva.

Na cha praana samgno na vai pancha vaayur,

Na vaa saptha dhathur na va pancha kosa,

Na vak pani padam na chopa stha payu,

Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham. 2

Neither am I the movement due to life,

Nor am I the five airs, nor am I the seven elements,

Nor am I the five internal organs,

Nor am I voice or hands or feet or other organs,

But I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,

Yes ,I am definitely Shiva

Na me dwesha raghou na me lobha mohou,

Madho naiva me naiva matsarya bhava,

Na dharmo na cha artha na kamo na moksha,

Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham. 3

I never do have enmity or friendship,

Neither do I have vigour nor feeling of competition,

Neither do I have assets, or money or passion or salvation,

But I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,

Yes ,I am definitely Shiva

Na punyam na paapam na soukhyam na dukham,

Na manthro na theertham na veda na yagna,

Aham bhojanam naiva bhojyam na bhoktha,

Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham. 4

Never do I have good deeds or sins or pleasure or sorrow,

Neither do I have holy chants or holy water or holy books or fire sacrifice,

I am neither food or the consumer who consumes food,

As I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,

Yes ,I am definitely Shiva

Na mruthyur na sankha na me jathi bhedha,

Pitha naiva me naiva matha na janma,

Na bhandhur na mithram gurur naiva sishya,

Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham. 5

I do not have death or doubts or distinction of caste,

I do not have either father or mother or even birth,

And I do not have relations or friends or teacher or students,

As I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,

Yes ,I am definitely Shiva

Aham nirvi kalpi nirakara roopi,

Vibhuthwascha sarvathra sarvendriyanaam,

Na cha sangatham naiva mukthir na meya

Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham. 6

I am one without doubts , I am without form,

Due to knowledge I do not have any relation with my organs,

And I am always redeemed,

And I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,

Yes ,I am definitely Shiva

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