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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Watch Maharishi TV on the internet (Transcidental Meditation)

I would love to hear your personal experiences with TM.
Seems like it is catered for the wealthy, a bit pricey, but the effects I hear is dramatic.
It seems to deviate from the simplicity of spiritual leaders, but then there is substinence considerations. There are many publicists for this including David Lynch (director of Mulholland drive, what a movie it is!!! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0166924/ Only a pure spiritualist could conceive of such a movie) and he does have a very convincing case study (his own) that exemplifies the value of TM.

Click below to watch Maharishi Channel (Maharishi Open University) over the Internet, any time, 24 hours/day.

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If it doesn't work try this - http://www.globalcountry.org/EasyWeb.asp?pcpid=43

The Teachings of Guru Dev - The Roots of TM' Quotations of Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati



  1. Since you asked, I'll share my experience with TM.

    Having practiced Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 35 years, I'd like to say that, looking back, what I received was so very, very, very much more than anyone could have had me understand at the time I first attended a free TM lecture.

    Through the simple practice of sitting for 20 minutes, twice a day, with my eyes closed, and experiencing the effortlessness of the TM practice, I have enjoyed being connected with the infinite source of everything.

    This dipping into the fully awake consciousness at the source of thought is "transcending," going beyond thought. I am aware of my Self, without a second, and this awareness naturally has become integrated more and more through my life so that it is always available.

    How can words describe such a gift of one's own Self? Only by experiencing it can you know what is being described.

    Life as I knew it has blossomed into Life, and naturally I wish to live in the world full of fully awake souls!

    Come on, transcend the limits of individuality, simply, without strain, effortlessly. Such is available in this unique system of meditation. You become alive in your own life, more yourself, more fulfilled, more all good things. Non-life supporting actions drop off, without effort, and your energy goes into successful action that reaches your goals.

    Other systems of meditation involve keeping the attention focused in some way. Only with Transcendental Meditation does one have a vehicle for going beyond the surface of life, and diving within, experiencing the unbounded wholeness that is our essence.

    Young and old can practice this meditation, anyone can. It is truly worth its weight in gold!

  2. I have learnt TM 10 years back by a qualified trainer but forgotten the procedure of meditation but still remembering mantra kindly guide me how to use mantra in meditation


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