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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Web 2.0 World - Leveling the Playing Field

The blogs of the world are uniting the mind and the spirit....
The static web pages are so passe now...
The dynamic video embellished web pages, blogs are here to stay.

I finally seem to have reconciled to the blog world...I am certainly not an early adopter and fail to really understand what a new technology brings about, my mind is just not tuned to the cause and effect of change, but I do know and understand that it can be something really fantastic and beautiful - based on past experience. Blogs, I wondered what use is that - but once I jumped into the blog world, it is a limitless experience.....presto an altogether different world has opened up..
.... the fascinating thing about the Web 2.0 Technology is the resonance this has caused to happen.

The static web pages brought information together and shrunk the world in some ways
The Web 2.0 world effect is even more dramatic, by bringing together the minds, and seemingly has shrunk the minds into one ways...thoughts are being exchanged, resonated and identified with. It is very uncanny to read blogs from all over the world and see that how similar our thoughts can be, how similar is the thought pattern of myself with someone else half way around the world.

Web 2.0 is ultimately poised for something much more dramatic, it will cause the revolution that people will look back and history books will talk about...
Hmm...maybe not that dramatic?

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