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Monday, December 04, 2006

Balance of power is shifting

The balance of power is truly shifting from the west back to the east.
The Eastern Superpowers of the world are looming in the horizon...

Back in the glory days of Eastern cultural zenith, lots of spiritual discoveries were made and expounded upon. Are we ready to glide back into those times where spirituality will dominate the thoughts and teachings of the world?

Will that ultimately lead to the 1000 years of peace and happiness that Nostradamus predicted?

A hundred years down the road, the world will certainly present an altogether different picture.

Read on - the changing face of India and the East. Series of articles from 12/2/06 to 12/8/06

A four-part series on the country's rise as a technological powerhouse.
» Part IV: Behind the boom: Emigres tackle poverty
» Part III: Outsourcing firm Infosys' global business model
» Part II: Cell phones are leading edge of tech future
» Part I: Venture capitalists see a Silicon Valley in the making
» Multimedia: 'The elephant starts to dance'

INDIA 2.0: SERIES coverage by San Jose Mercury News

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