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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Covetous glance

So during my meditation, I am thinking of God's love - if we could feel it - how would it truly feel like?

And I think of ...... the child like joy over simple things... I remember some of that.
But a lot more vividly, I remember the covetous glance, the heart sinking gaze that met with positive responses and the come hitherto look, how that rocked my world for that instant (YESS!)
And of course, of THOSE moments too....

Pool them all together, Magnify that a trillion times. That is how it would be, if I could well and truly connect to God's love (already there, but hidden beneath the illusory world).
Yes, that would certainly pale the world into insignificance.
That is something to die for - as they say.
I can imagine Tenzing Norway and Edmund Hillary gazing up covetously....a few meters away.

Covetous Glance Unholy lyrics

Artist: Unholy
Album: The Second Ring Of Power
Year: 1994
Title: Covetous Glance

Oh, beauteous one Goddess of all men
She has a violent craving for me
I'm the minister of enraged copulation
Supporter of violent passion
I grew out of childlike anima to find
True personal love
Is it me who has Covetous Glance ?

Think Clearly with no forbidden thoughts
Everything is acceptable
Your animus is personification
of Dream Warrior
With four Left Hand Path symbols

"Come o lonely warrior or drown"
...Her divine body clothed with pleasure

I watch Her charm with delight
Together we raise the veil of shadow
Two subjects, one will connect to Cosmos
I am the woman and you are the man

Covetous Glance
Opium Odor

[Lyrics by Jarkko Toivonen]

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