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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Karma and Sex

Above is a talk on Karma - Art of Living way.

Found this rather discussion in one of the groups.
An eye-opener and still skeptical as to how much of this is true.
And I quote.....

I have heard somewhere that when you have sex with a person even just
once, you can inherit their karma. Does anyone believe this, or can
verify from their own experiences that this is true?
Of course when you have sex with a person you form a link with that
person... But has anyone noticed any actual karmic sharing taking place?
For example... If i sleep with someone who has a lot of bad luck, am I
inheriting their luck, and vice versa?

Re: sex and karma
I am in agreement with Sienna as I also have issues with describing
this phenomenon as a transfer of ones karma. I actually have issues
with the whole karma science the way it is conventionally perceived
and taught. We are spirit first and all flows from that which we
perceive we are and we can change at any moment that which we perceive
we are, thereby negating the influence of past lower qualities of
thought, thereby erasing or bypassing karmic debts. My understanding
of this could be entirely based upon a misperception of karma, but
that is how I view it at this time.

If an individual is harboring lower qualities of thought, this then
prevents the free flow of Kundalini energy. This appear as
contractions of the free flow of divine energy in their chakra system.
This affects their ability "to be", according to their higher
spiritual self. This leads to a degradation of the physical which is
cut off from source and its ability to renew itself according to its
divine self and the blueprint this higher self has for the soul incarnate.

Sharing ones flesh with another sexually also involves sharing ones
psyche and emotions and ones inner being as well. I think this even
applies to those who are only having sex as opposed to those who are
making love. Having sex or making love involves the merging of
energies, not just bodies. A person with a serious blockage in one or
more of their major chakras can be healed through lovemaking if they
approach it with the right intent and self awareness, or this
blockage, created from harboring lower qualities of thought, can be
more like a black hole for kundalini energy for not only for the
individual harboring the lower qualities of thought, but also for the
lover sharing sexual relations and their own energies.

No lasting healing can occur from divine sex if the recipient of the
healing does not then do the work to improve their qualities of
thought and no healing at all will occur in the individual who is not
seeking one. Often it is a control based mentality which blocks
positive results and a healthy outcome, as divine lovemaking is based
solely on a cooperative union of souls.

Hanging around a lover who harbors lower qualities of thought(being)
also affects us, as we then share their thought patterns and have to
hear the resonance of their voice and words which have a mysterious
power all their own. This is aside from the world view of theirs that
may influence us if we are not well grounded in our own.

An analogy of relevance. Our energies are like transformer coils. In
electrical transformers the 2 sets of coils do not touch, however
their magnetic fields overlap, causing the electical charge of one
coils to magically transfer energy/electricity to the other coil. Our
magnetic fields as souls are our words, thoughts, actions, and beliefs
which by virtue of just being near somebody else can be an influence
upon their energies.

This video discusses how to circumvent Karma....getup in the early dawn hours and
Karma is covered.

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