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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Mind - Atman and my moments with it

I loved these quotes here
Over the holiday break my relaxed mind helped create a different perspective - as I read through these quotes. ....

The mind creates the illusion.
I have read Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and others talk about it.
I think I sorta understand it.
Bhagvan Ramana has explained it as a movie that projects out and then retracts back into the light source when finishing up.

The mind creates thoughts and the thoughts create the impression of a presence.
Imagine a meeting room filled with a bunch of people. The person who talks the most is acknowledged, people know this person and the rest of the folks sorta disappear. Case in point, if the same group got together a month or so later, we would only remember the person who was doing the talking, as this person has left a lasting impression - whatever be it - onto our minds. This person has left the impression, just like our mind. The day to day thoughts reinforce the presence of this mind, and creates the impression of us being alive through our body via the mind (the brain in the physical body). We get mentally acclimated to the presence of the mind and the body, and the real atman stays hidden, coming to fore during our resting moments. I seem to understand this a bit now.

Quieten the mind and the atman will come to the fore.

I remember the exact moment my atman went into hiding (I think). I was probably around 3-4 years old. I remember running into a field and suddenly the world appeared to me in all its glory, the green grass, the shining sun, beautiful sky and I was ready to discover the newness of this world in all its glory. Till that point, it was as if there was a dark veil in front of me - probably attributed to my connectedness with my atman. I believe this is the time, my ego kicked in and my atman went into hiding.

Another Hmmmm moment was when I was in 5th grade walking up the stairs, and I got a feeling of just being alone in the whole wide world. It seemed as if I was looking at myself from a few inches above me - more like - I got a different perspective of myself and my position in the world.

And then later when in college, after a deep introspective focus session, I got the most visionary vision that I could hope to get. I was jolted out of sleep as I couldn't handle the enormity of what my mind's eye had just seen. It was mind boggling and an amazing experience.... a sacrilege to talk about it here, lest it is not repeatable. True faith generates out of such an experience.

There is more, but I shall cease and desist for now.

I still try to replicate that -

I am pretty sure, it is within reach and it is not too hard. I hope to get it this lifetime.

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