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Friday, December 01, 2006

Having a bad day? Stay in the realms of your cave.

I would highly recommend Eckhart Tolle's book, Power of Now.

Eckhart talks about monitoring our own experiences, being in touch with our feelings, touch home-base several times a day (Hey Atman, how are you feeling?). Unfortunately, I am still not there yet, and if I start to worry about something, it plays on my mind no end. Writing it down on a piece of paper helps. The drama continues to play out in my head and I am captured totally gripped with the emotion of it, losing all semblance of rationality, whether it is jealousy, anger, envy - and yes typically these are negative emotions. The positive joyous ones remind me that something bad may be in store and I cannot really live in the moment.

What Eckhart recommends is to notice it and then return to or atman. Ramana Maharishi has said the same thing and so has Nisargadatta Maharaj. Ramesh Balsekhar pretty much says the same thing in a different way - what is to happen is already drawn up - your worrying does not change it. So, why worry?

Having a bad day still is a pure state of mind. If we can dwell in the atman, within my awareness, two things can happen
a) I might not be adversely influenced by the emotional impact of the happenings - coerced into doing something more drastic
b) I may also get the strength to work around the situation knowing that I am not really in control.

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