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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Software Versus Religion

I was having an interesting discussion with a friend last night.
She was discussing the troubles and travails of life - nothing significant - but just the day to day pressure living in a high tech world, dealing with family and work pressures. I do cease and desist from painting myself as a religious bigot (which I am definitely not!) or overwhelm folks with my views about the atman and our awareness being the one-stop shop for fixing all the troubles in life. This is because I believe, this realization can only happen due to the journey that we make, and there is no fast forward button. Giving a discourse is good as long as the person can relate to it..There is lot of misinterpretation that can happen when it comes to spirituality or religion and maintaining a neutral stance is best, I think, unless we truly understand that the person is vested in the chain of thought and my reasoning behind it.

But in this case, I did end up talking a bit about my perspective. How a significant stress alleviator can be our realization and reconciliation of the fact that we are never really in control - and that life just plays out - we are an actor after all in the big scheme..... How it is best to keep our bag in the overhead bin of the plane and not carry it through the flight (of life). This naturally led to the classic discussion of fate versus free will (which is usually the case - here is the link to the writeup on that http://shivabhakta.blogspot.com/search/label/fate%20versus%20free%20will) and I pointed out that religion is politics and that zealots over the years have misinterpreted stuff to exert influence over society. Some of that religion improvisation (like marriage) was a good thing as it leads to some semblance of order, uniformity and control over society.... and Karma is another. But, I do believe religion has been extended for various ulterior motives. Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism, Judaism, Islam everyone says that KNOW THYSELF, THAT YOU ARE GOD, but this concept is hidden behind all the bandwidth consumption that has happened just over time, and various personalities impacting this truth in their own way.

So here's a picture on that (Click on it to enlarge)

This whole concept of God was meant to be the last picture (tire hanging on the tree) - our awareness of our true nature. Lots of blogs (spiritual books) were written on it - and misinterpretation naturally happened. We lost track of what was the truth and the essence over time and we ended up making things utterly complex, provided avenues for the power mongers of society to control society.

In our conversation I realized that she had the inner urge to do good as she wanted to preserve the karmic vibrations for the next life. Why struggle with this too? Just be!

There seems to be no karma connotations (at least for me) for the next life. We all are given certain choices - choices that we need to make for ourselves - before our re-birth. We get to pick and choose the test that we need to go through to cleanse ourselves and be ready for Moksha. Some of us take up too much hardship and hopefully the cleansing does happen.

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