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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Spiritual path - Awakening 101

There are some very well written accounts here:

Here is a fascinating account of awakening @
Completely grips me, and very many links that might give you lots of
answers, and hopefully a lot of inspiration too.
Enlightenment is our birth right, it is upto us to go and get it...

Phil Servedio's journal of awakening

Read the power of Lord Shiva, manifested in Arunachala

Realization (Quote from unknown)
Take a piece of glass, paint colours and forms on it, and put into a
magic lantern, turn on a white light, and the colours and forms
painted on the glass are reproduced on the screen. If that light were
not turned on, you would not see the colours of the slide on the screen.
So is it with an ordinary man. His mind is like the screen. On it
shines the light, dulled and changed because he has allowed the
many-sided world to stand in the way of the Light (God). He sees only
the effects of Light (God) instead of the Light (God) Himself, and his
mind reflects the effects he sees just as the screen reflects the
colours on the glass. Take away the prism and the colours vanish,
absorbed back into the white light from whence they came. Take away
the colours from the slide and the light shines clearly through. Take
away our sight the world of effects we see, and let us look only into
the causes, and we shall see the Light (God).
A Master in meditation, though the eyes and ears be open, fixes his
attention so firmly on "That which Sees,'' that he neither sees nor
hears, nor has any physical consciousness at all - nor mental either,
but only spiritual.
We must take away the world, which causes our doubts, which clouds our
mind, and the light of God will shine clearly through. How is the
world taken away? When, for example, instead of seeing a man you say,
"This is God animating a body,'' which body answers, more or less
perfectly, to the direction of God, as a ship answers more or less
perfectly to her helm.


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