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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Strengths versus Weaknesses

I think of the inherent strengths within me, things that have come too easy for me, things that I have to scarcely give a thought to and things that are never a challenge for me.

And I think of the weaknesses, that are so difficult to surmount, things that hold me back, and that become a challenge from time to time.

I see the strengths that I didn't have influence over and the same with my weaknesses.
I do see some of my strengths that have lessened and some weaknesses that I have managed to get around to challenge. I do see a spiritual hand into this. Strengths something I was born with, when misused tends to debiletate for sure. And weaknesses that I do tend to get my arms around also have a spiritual hand in it.

The karmic veil that I want lifted to get to the Moksha door, demands a purification, and the atman takes up the challenge (I am going to do these 5 things to get to that door, kinda like a corporate development plan). Sometimes the atman takes up too much and life becomes a bit of a misery, and sometimes it takes up nothing at all - kinda like the traitor guy in Matrix who wants to be a movie star while he is enjoying the juicy steak. Thus, I am exposed to situations and challenged. For some I have the right attitude and I get that ticky mark - those weaknesses are forever gone and become a strength for the next run. For some others, it takes a bit more time. Of course, this is all a concept.

But getting the spiritual blessing - being tune with the spiritual side of life - I think helps in this purification process. Meditation is a great start towards this I think. Specially at 5AM in the morning - where I read once that karmic sins are washed away a lot more easily. Unfortunately, that is my bed time - at times :-(

But I do wonder then about the classic fate versus free will in all this. If everything is fated for, then do I really control the lifting of the karmic veil for myself?

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