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Saturday, January 27, 2007

miracles of life - by Anna

28 Dec 2005 05:37 am #1

I wanna share with you my experience with Tirupati Balaji trip...

My friend Uma got married in Tirupati so we had gone for the wedding. The wedding took place at 3.30 am in the morning and got over by 7.20 am. I was sick with fever and was unable to even walk. After the wedding we were supposed to board the bus and go to the temple. I refused saying that i will stay back in hotel room. Umas sister Kala came to me and said Anahita when you have got a call from Balaji to come right upto Tirupati dont miss that opportunity of seing him. I being a religious minded gal, immediately said yes. I was in terrible pain in legs and whole body due to fever. we had to stand in the line for 3 and half hours. By that time i was miserable, was just moving with the flow of people.

But then miracle happend, as soon as it was my turn to watch and bow to the idol of Balaji i was crying on seing the beauty of the idol. It came out from my mouth " OH SO DIVINE" the pujari was smiling he pulled me forward and showed me the idol from near. That was the biggest high of my life. Everybody in the marriage party told me later on see Balaji did not only wished that you come for his darshan but also allowed you to have a closer look thanks to the pujari....

I cannot forget that incident till i die..

Bolo Balaji bhagwan ki jai..

Anna CherryFlower

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