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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Power of Devotion

True devotion indeed supersedes anything and everything.
Hanumanjee is a prime example of that. His utter devotion of Rama and the blind faith seems to an element that radiates all through Ramayan.

Advaitism can get us Moksha.
But Bhakti Yoga is also another path to lead us to the promised land.

Anecdote: The Power of Devotion

Lord Vishnu

Source: Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba’s Divine Discourses

Context: King Ambarisha’s rule in Bhagavatham (a Hindu epic)

King Ambarisha was a great yet noble emperor during the ancient times in Bhagavatham. His devotion for lord Vishnu resulted in the lord’s blessing in the form of his Sudharsana Chakra (A weapon in the form of a rotating sawtoothed wheel) which will cut through what stands in its way. Ambarisha being a noble hearted man never thought of using the weapon.

Once Ambarisha conducted a yajna (a sacrificial ritual) for the welfare of mankind and on the final day of the yajna he gets ready to complete the proceedings by ending his fast by partaking holy basil (tulasi) leaf water. Before he does that, sage Durvasa, notorious for his hot temper, visits Ambarish’a place. He wants to stay there for a day and asks Ambarisha to wait before completing the yajna and goes off to take a bath in a nearby river and does not return for a long time.

Meanwhile as the auspicious moments for the completion of yajna are passing Ambarisha partakes basil leaf water assuming Durvasa would understand. On the contrary Durvasa returns soon and lashes out at Ambarisha and gets ready to curse him with the intentions of doing the worst.

Suddenly, the never used weapon, Sudarshana Chakra, appears and starts going after Durvasa. Surprised at the counter assalut, Durvasa starts escaping from its way and visits lords Siva and Brahma to seek help against the demolition weapon. Realizing that both can not help him he visits lord Vishnu, the original owner of the chakra for protection. To his surprise, Vishnu says that the he can not stop the weapon even if he wants to protect Durvasa and suggests him to see Ambarisha for help.

Finally, the ego crushed sage visits Ambarisha realizing that his unjust intention of cursing him caused the whole episode. Ambarisha prays to Vishnu and the chakra finally stops its pursuit and all ends well. The message from the story is that God (Lord Vishnu in this context) could not save Durvasa even if he intended to. He is powerless when his authority is pitted against his bhaktha’s devotion. So messing with a true devotee is like messing with a power higher than God, true DEVOTION.

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