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Friday, February 16, 2007

Ardhanarishwar - Significance

That is the theory of ARDHANARISHWAR in Hindu mythology. In Shiva, half is man and half is woman. And Shiva is said to be the greatest god -- MAHADEVA. Why is he called the great god? Because he has come to meet the inner woman, he has become ultimate unity; the woman and the man have disappeared.
The same phenomenon has happened in a Buddha.

In the third step, of VAJRAYANA, you have come in contact with your inner woman; your attraction for the outer woman has disappeared. The very moment you have come in contact with your INNER woman, you have met the perfect woman you have been always seeking and seeking and never finding. You have met your inner man -- you have found the perfect man. Yin and yang, they have become a circle, they have joined together.

(various sources from Osho Books)


  1. know that thee shine
    ... roni ...

  2. This seemed interesting until I read Osho is the source... Unfortunately I don´t remember what it was but I read something about him that was just shameful.. If anyone is curious search for "Osho´s controversy"..

  3. @disappointed: if the concept is what you like, how does it matter if Osho said it. after all the idea is more important than who is preaching it. Osho's being controversial doesn't take away the significance of certain ideas he preaches. Let's just take what is good and shun the shameful, dirty and anything which basically creates tension and pain. Don't you agree?

  4. Siddharth's, I agree, Osho, like all of us, had his failings, but he was none the less, a modern day Master that most are to scared to be receptive to.


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