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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blue Morpho

Recently got the chance to check out THE BLUE BUTTERFLY

This movie has some excellent shots of the Costa Rican rain forest and the animal habitants, which sometimes look too surreal. But more than the beautiful cinematography, it highlights to me that life is a true miracle and capable of its own mysterious magic. There is much more to life than the human mind can ever comprehend. To the atheists of the world, here is what I have to say, Spirituality is for real ..... :-) not that I have anything against you.

The movie is loosely based on the true story of Canadians David Marenger and Georges Brossard, founder of the Montreal Insectarium. In the film , a 10-year-old boy with an inoperable brain tumor, pursues his quest to visit the rainforest and catch a Blue Morpho butterfly—which he believes is magical—before he dies. Carlton convinces his idol, celebrity entomologist Alan Osborne (Hurt), to lead him and his single mom (Bussières) on the expedition.

David Marenger was born on August 16, 1981 in Coteau du Lac in Quebec, Canada. At age six he was diagnosed with brain cancer and was given only a short time to live.

In 1988 the Children’s Wish Foundation granted him his wish which was to catch a “blue morpho”. This was his first trip ever and it was expected by his doctors that it would be his last. He had only a few months. He traveled to Mexico with an accomplished entomologist from Montreal, Mr. George Brossard, to catch the blue butterfly. He was so weakened by his condition that he had to be carried through the jungle by Mr. Brossard for the chase. His dream of catching the blue butterfly came true.

Beyond the adventure of grasping his dream, when he returned to Canada, his battle against cancer was strengthened and a miracle occurred. The cancer went into remission and he has not had to take any medications since the age of 18, he is now 24 years old.

David credits hope, belief and perseverance for his newfound strength and health. Assisted by his uncle Richard Filion, he travels to schools and hospitals to share his message. He is living proof that belief and perseverance can lead to miracles.

The movie “The Blue Butterfly” was inspired by his life story. He has had the opportunity to travel again to spread the magic of the blue butterfly. In 2002, during the filming of the movie he traveled to Costa Rica, on location, where he caught another blue butterfly but this time he was capable of standing on his own two feet.

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