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Monday, February 05, 2007


Link to Amma Miracles (link has a video too)

When one girl named Megha came into Amma's arms, she all but collapsed. Tears were streaming down her face. When Amma finished holding her, Amma asked her to sit by her side as she embraced the rest of the villagers.

Through her tears, the girl who is studying in the 11th standard explained that she had been praying for days that Amma would somehow come to her village.

When all her children were assembled, Amma picked up a tambourine and began singing out to the sea: Amma baramma namma taye baram ma...(Mother, please come. Oh, our Mother, please come.)

Watch Video:
Amma sings "Amma baramma"  in Popup Window

Watch Video:
Amma feeding the dog  in Popup Window


  1. My Love--The photo of our Lord Shiva you have as your avatar was actually the first image I ever had taped to my walls of Shiva when I first became His Bhakta. Beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful tsunami of Shakti upon seeing His beautiful image. :)

    I watched the "DARSHAN" documentary on Amma and the ENTIRE time my body was enveloped (or realized the constant envelopment) of Divine Love. It was as if a pillow of Love was sustaining my physical body--on all sides, above and below.

    Beautiful blog, my friend. And, thank you for commenting on my blog--so that our paths have crossed.


  2. Yes Bhakti
    It is rather uncanny.
    The Web 2.0 world has created that convergence of thoughts that is so very perceptible and real....
    We have been writing about the same things.

    I do agree with your "All religions are one" credence, I wish the world would start believing in it too.

    Your blog http://jaibhakti.blogspot.com has been bookmarked and I intend to visit often. I have requested my local library for OFFICE. Ciao

  3. My respect to everyone!

    I have a short question but a hard one to answer...well as far as i am concerned. Need your help!!!

    How many of you believe in miracles?

    Do you think fate can be changed? Many thanks

    From Shivabhakt

  4. Fate cannot be changed. This is what I understand. Fate versus Free Will - has fascinated me and I had to dig up some reading.



    All events in life are shaped according to the divine plan. What is not to happen cannot be brought about by any human effort. On this point, Ramana was quite categoric. When Devaraja Mudaliar questioned Him as to whether only important things in one's life such as major occupation or profession alone are pre-determined or even trifling acts, Ramana replied, "Everything is pre-determined". One of the purposes of birth is to go through certain experiences, which have been marked out in the karmic unfoldment of this life. "The whole programme is chalked out". This would apparently be a dampener to all effort for one would be puzzled as to what the responsibility of man is. Is he an automation of karmic forces? Where do his free will and effort come in?

    Ramana points out that there is another, deeper purpose to life, that is to search and find out the truth for oneself. He would say that "the only useful purpose of life is to turn within and realize. There is nothing else to do".



    Maharshi: Your idea of will power is success insured. Will power should
    be understood to be the strength of mind which makes it capable for
    meeting success or failure with equanimity. It is not synonymous with
    certain success. Why should one' attempts be always attended with
    success? Success develops arrogance and the man's spiritual progress is
    thus arrested. Failure on the other hand is beneficial, inasmuch as it
    opens the eyes of the man to his limitations and prepares him to
    surrender himself. Self-surrender is synonymous with eternal happiness.
    Therefore one should try to gain the equipose of mind under all
    circumstances. That is will power. Again, success and failure are the
    results of prarabdha and not of will power. A man my be doing only good
    and noble actions and yet prove a failure. Another may do otherwise and
    yet be uniformly successful. This does not mean that the will power is
    present in the one and not in the other.....................


    ... It always seems to me that if I'm to function, there has to be a desire or an expectation to produce the motivation for the function. Otherwise the functioning stops.

    Every body-mind organism has been conceived and constructed with certain characteristics and those characteristics will never cease to function.

    Even without desire?

    Yes, even without desire, without this motivation, which brings along with it, inherently, the sense of anxiety. Without this motivation which brings with it anxiety, the work will proceed much more smoothly. The body, the mind will continue functioning. It cannot stop functioning simply because the non-existent "me" says, "I have no more motivation, therefore why should I work?" You cannot not work. The body-mind organism will continue to function according to its natural physical, temperamental, and mental characteristics to perform duties which have been programmed into it.

    Seems like the desires have also been programmed in.

    Yes indeed! That's why listening to what I've said could reduce the desire or suddenly bring about the flash of understanding, "That is so!" Or it may have no effect at all. The effect of what you have heard, also is not in your hands, is not a matter of volition. You can only wait and see what happens. ...


    Mr. B. C. Das, the Physics Lecturer, asked about free-will and destiny.
    Maharshi: Whose will is it? ‘It is mine’, you may say. You are beyond will and fate. Abide as that and you transcend them both. That is the meaning of conquering destiny by will. Fate can be conquered. Fate is the result of past actions. By association with the wise the bad tendencies are conquered. One’s experiences are then viewed to their proper perspective.
    I exist now. I am the enjoyer. I enjoy fruits of action. I was in the past and shall be in the future. Who is this ‘I’? Finding this ‘I’ to be pure Consciousness beyond action and enjoyment, freedom and happiness are gained. There is then no effort, for the Self is perfect and there remains nothing more to gain.
    So long as there is individuality, one is the enjoyer and doer. But if it is lost, the divine Will prevails and guides the course of events. The individual is perceptible to others who cannot perceive divine force. Restrictions and discipline are for other individuals and not for the liberated.
    Free-will is implied in the scriptural injunctions to be good. It implies overcoming fate. It is done by wisdom. The fire of wisdom consumes all actions. Wisdom is acquired by association with the wise, or rather, its mental atmosphere.
    Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi


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