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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Power Of Prayer

A prayer brings out the goodness in us. But the value transcends just that. I can personally attest to the power of prayer. Here...read on an article from the Financial Express

From Financial Express

‘I believe in the power of prayer’

Spirituality and belief in religion are the essence of what an individual is and what he can be. Our faith is what defines our soul and creates a value system that makes us who we are.

I come from a traditional Hindu family and since childhood the credence in God was instilled in us through prayers and tales of mythology. With time and age I understood and accepted that faith is what drives individuals into believing that there is someone looking out for you and if you put in the required efforts into anything God will help you.

When we are young and want to conquer the world, at times recklessness takes over but if our conviction in self is high something divine will hold us back from taking paths that lead us to wrong avenues in life. Being truly spiritual or religious needn’t mean believing in just one God, but having faith leads us to be more personal, less dogmatic, more open to new ideas and myriad influences, and more pluralistic than the doctrinal faiths of established religions.

If I have to look back and evaluate my first true moment of spiritual experience I would go back to the time when I was looking at moving out of Uttar Pradesh, a friend asked me to apply at Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation (GIIC). I did apply but could not truly decide on what to do, and in midst of the confusion I visited a temple of Shri Sai Baba and felt an internal peace and clarity on what decision to take.

It was the hand of God that guided me to Gujarat and finally to GVFL (the then Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd). Since then in my every action I feel the blessing of baba and this belief has helped me to be honest and forthright in every action. Also professionally, integrity is the qualification I value the most in my employees.

I don’t truly believe in destiny but believe that it is the power of prayer that guides us to our ultimate karma. Spirituality to me is ‘keeping one’s value system and actions honest and straight in life and continuing with the belief that even if something goes wrong it will work out in our best interest in the long run.’

I don’t think that I am perfect and above reproach. This makes me go for periodic introspection to see that no action of mine has started attacking my conscience. I have stopped being a conformist long back and now enjoy varied opinions while encouraging the next generation to be more independent in their thinking and beliefs but at the same time never forgetting their principles.

I feel blessed that as a venture capitalist I have been given an opportunity to build and shape the professional lives of young entrepreneurs and help guide them through decisions that are not just monetarily correct but also morally true.

Lalloo a changed man


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