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Monday, March 19, 2007

Advaitism while driving

Seemingly the car is the only place where I get to think...
My very own space, where I get to think...though the mind runs amuck....yep what a dawg I am.

Reading Nisargadatta's I AM THAT and it is not an easy book to read, but I am settling down into it...
Some of the stuff makes total sense, there is talk of purity ...

And in one of my moments of pure thinking on the road, I feel it should be so easy to do the right thing - the world being unreal as it is and that the universe decides actions and reactions (not me) - so why not do the right thing and get to that all elusive purity.

I was a bit surprised at the reaction I got when I didn't lose my temper at someone else's bad attitude and seemed like I was getting some help (finally) at being the good guy. As I drove down, I tried to feel my atman, which to me means just changing perspective and watching everything as if I am on vacation (casting my To-Dos aside) and the world just appeard so very beautiful. I felt that this is my turn to be this wonderful person that I always think I am. Can I really make that turn and be that something? No more shortcuts? Be pure???? Or will I wilt away at the first sign of trouble and revert to taking the shortcuts? The hand of God got Maradonna the world cup, do I need to do the same to achieve some sort of whatever? Is it really worth it?

Here is the original freeway zen
Some good links here too

Eyes open.
Not fixed on any car or object,
Not fixed on the road.
Eyes open.
I watch, open and relaxed.
I see the road ahead.
I am aware of the flow of traffic.
I see the rear view mirror.
Not focused on anything
I see all.

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