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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Buddha's Enligtenement

I have often wondered if we are already enlightened - as many of the Advaita masters describe.

I do wonder why Buddha had to go through so much physical torture to achieve that state. And why is that site so revered...the Bodhi tree in Gaya where he attained enlightenment. Is the path to enlightenment so difficult? Is it such an amazing state that you become Buddha? Advaita teachers say that there is no change, the prarabdha karma will still play out - but we are teflon bythen. If it is so simple, why is Buddha revered as Buddha? What about the others who attained enlightenment after Buddha? I still wonder if we have a new life after we have achieved that state? If so, why? And if we do, are we already enlightened at birth or have to go through the growing pains yet again.

I have been to the Bodhi tree in Gaya. It is a spot that has spirituality oozing from every pore. Gautam Buddha - the enlightened one. I see the throngs of people with such utter humility, focus and devotion, and....

I do think that enlightenment with 'such' an attitude is just around the corner. I think once we have the right attitude, good things have a way of happening. The attitude naturally arises due to the all the kindness that creeps into our essence as we ruminate over the principals and ideologies of Advaitism.

At that point, a Guru is not needed - Nisargadatta says that we are our own guru. But, the desire for enlightenment seems intermixed with so many more other worldly desires. That is not efficient. Utter focus and a passionate desire is the surest technique to fulfill the desires.

The frost killed my Bodhi tree that was growing in my front yard. Had it thriving for almost four years. I wonder if it is possible to Bonzai one.

Bodhi Tree picture from : thezensite.com

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