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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Face of enlightenment

Lord Krishna, in the Gita said: When one is completely free from all desires of
the mind and is satisfied with the Supreme Being by the joy of
Supreme Being, then one is called an enlightened person, O Arjuna.

A person whose mind is unperturbed by sorrow, who does not crave
pleasures, and who is completely free from attachment, fear, and
anger, is called an enlightened sage of steady intellect. (2.56)

The mind and intellect of a person become steady who is not attached
to anything, who is neither elated by getting desired results, nor
perturbed by undesired results. (2.57)

When one can completely withdraw the senses from the sense objects as
a tortoise withdraws its limbs into the shell for protection from
calamity, then the intellect of such a person is considered steady.

The desire for sensual pleasures fades away if one abstains from
sense enjoyment, but the craving for sense enjoyment remains in a
very subtle form. This subtle craving also completely disappears from
the one who knows the Supreme Being. (2.59)

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