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Friday, May 25, 2007

Mantra for a spiritual journey

Mantra for a Spiritual Journey
Om Sarva Charine Namaha
(Aum Sahr-vah Chah-ree-ney Nah-mah-hah)
"Salutations to Him who is the source of the urge to wander, travel, or follow."

In one mythic Hindu drama, Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva, the destroyer) takes her own life. Shiva, disconsolate, carries his wife's corpse over his shoulder as he wanders everywhere. Vishnu, the Preserver, intercedes by cutting away Parvati's body piece by piece, so that Shiva will leave his grief behind. Parvati eventually reappears, saying that she needed to seed the world with her feminine glory. This Shiva mantra salutes our consciousness as the wanderer with the capacity to see divinity everywhere. As we travel, we should see the Divine all around us. - Thomas Ashley-Farrand

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