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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another miracle experience

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Have you ever realized presence of GOD...........Yes I have realized it several times but I want to tell you about my first experience from when my faith in GOD became unyielding.
My parents brought up me inculcating family values and old culture. From the beginning I am devotee and follower of lord Shiva......though at that time I do had faith in my GOD but not much firm.......
I was in my first year of college doing B.Sc. studying mathamatics, physics and computers subjects.
Monday and tuesday were decided for practical in the pre lunch session we used to perform physics experiments and in the post lunch computers. The physics department of our college was famous for sternness they didn't give you entry until or unless you reply all the questions related to the experiment which you are going to perform then only they used to permit us to do the experiments that means you have to prepare yourself for viva on every monday and tuesday and after completion of experiments we used to submit our practical diaries for getting them checked. It was compulsory to get your every experiment checked immediately after you have performed it. I was not much regular in college and used to bunk classes as well as practical. So in the month of September I bunked three experiments neither i performed them not got them checked. There were 24 experiments in our syllabus coz of my irregularity my diary, experiments all were incomplete and as you know in practical exams 10 marks are there for diary only. In my practical diary just 2 experiments were checked and the practical examinations date had been declared. I was much depressed that what would happen to me all the scenes of lecturers misbehavior was spinning around me that how they would throw my diary and get me out from the laboratory. I was shivering in fear thinking that the professors would insult me in front of the entire class and how I would bear it. Could not escape from the circumstances created by my errors only.
I was unable to find out the right path which would carry me to the destination that is to get my diary checked and stamped without getting insulted.
People say that in the time of need you remember GOD and the same I did. There was a Shiva termple near by my home every Monday I used to go there to pray my deity and was very punctual in that whatever would happened (whether its raining heavily or if I am out of the city still somehow used to make to go to the temple) I had not missed a single Monday. There was a police station adjacent to the temple or you can say that the boundary wall between them were same because of that a lot of police man used to come in the temple. As everything was dark above me I went to the temple and started weeping. It was afternoon and the gates of the temple were closed I sat in the courtyard weeping and praying to GOD..........Plz GOD do something I dont know the way what should I do plz god help me out help you child. In despair I sat in the side stairs of temple and started weeping around half an hour I sat their with weeping and crying face. I didn't know but one of the police man was watching all these He came to me and asked- " Beta what happened what's the problem, where do you live, do you live nearby asked many questions he must have thought something fishy to see me crying. I said nothing and took my vehicle started it and turned it to the way home.
Next day I didn't have much dare to go to the college and face the circumstances but went to the coaching classes where I met my friend Swati seeing my gloomy face she said what happened I told her eveything.
"Nothing to worry dear". She smiled.
I was taken aback that-" I am in trouble and look she smiling-nothing to do with my problems".
"Do you know one thing ".She said
"What" I retorted.
"I know our physics HOD personally he will definitely help you out".
It brought a flash of happiness in my eyes.
The very next day she took me to the HOD's home and introduced us. She told him about my situation.
He said to me that he himself would check my diary and would get it stamped for me.
On Monday I went to physics lab for attending the revision experiment he checked my diary and finally in practical I got 44 marks out of 50.
Thats how He the omnipotent helped me and I started believing him firmly. Love you mere BHAGWAN.............

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