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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Interconnection of Vishnu and Shiva

dr. jaya - I read somewhere that in Skanda Purana, Bhubaneshwar is actually
supposed to be the 'gateway' to Jagannath-Puri-dhama. Just like in

Vrndavana we are supposed to pay our respects to Shiva [Gopishwara]
before undertaking parikrama, so visiting Shiva at Bhubaneshwara is
supposed to be done before going to Jagannath Puri.

Just thought I'd share that with you. It appears to be one of the few
tirthas where "Shiva and Vishnu" are united in purpose."

Pandit Arjun says

shivapurana, kotirudrasamhita, 36th chapter mentions that once upon a time lord vishnu was meditating upon an earthen shivling and was doing the shiva sahasra nama pooja wherein one flower is offered while reciting each of the thousand names of lord shiva. lord vishnu collected thousand lotuses for this pooja but lord shiva wished to test vishnu and made one lotus disappear. having distressed at the loss of one lotus, vishnu plucked his eye and offered it to lord shiva as the thousandth flower. to this great act of devotion, lord shiva appears and gifts the most powerful sudarshana chakra (having the brilliance of ten thousand suns) to lord vishnu. many people may not be aware that this sudarshana chakra is gifted by lord shiva as a result of shiva
sahasranama pooja by vishnu.

after this lord shiva also tells that whosoever does shiva sahasra nama pooja by offering thousand flowers while reciting the thousand divine names of lord shiva, all their miseries will be solved and those people will not get bad things even in their dreams.

sage suta while narrating this to his disciples also state that whosoever listens to this shiva sahasra nama archana will get their sins erased.

may shiv bhakts get the blessings of lord shiva by doing this shiva
sahasra nama archana with thousand flowers.

Atop the magnificent twelfth century temple in Puri, is the King of Wheels, Sudarshan. There are two circles in the wheel; one is at the centre and the other is the outer. Eight bars connect the inner and outer circles. Swetaswatar Upanishad (1:4) reveals the mystery of the eight bars, that the whole Universe is a wheel and the bars of the wheel are mind, wisdom, selfness, sky, earth, sun, wind and water.

Sudarshan, one weapon in the hand of Lord Vishnu, is regarded as a Deity in Brahma Purana and Skanda Purana. On the ‘Ratna Simhasan’ of Lord Jagannath in Srimandir, Sudarshan is one of the seven Deities. Here the shape is like a pole. Both the wheel and pole shapes of Sudarshan have different historical backdrops. How Sudarshan was created is described in Brahma Purana, which states that to get rid of the wicked demons, all the demigods prayed to Vishnu. He asked them to combine all their energies. Lord Shankar shaped this combined energy into a wheel, which he handed over to Lord Vishnu to kill the demons. In another volume, Pasupata Darshan, it is described that the Universe is a wheel and Lord Shankar is moving around, sitting on this wheel.

Dr. Sastry says -

there is no difference between Lord Vishnu and Lord Sambhu.Sri
Aadisankaraacharya also confirms the same in his Sivananda lahari as

"Banatwam vrushabhatwa mardhavapushaa bhaaryaatwa maaryaapate
ghonitwam sakhitaa mrudangawahataa cheatyadi rupam dadow
twatpade nayanaarpanamcha krutavaan twaddehabhaago harihi

evahi nacheat kova tadadnyodhikaha

menas :- Lord Vishnu assisted Lord Siva as an arrow in the
battle of Tripuraasura samhaara. Nandi of lord Siva is Vishnu.
The Vishnu is the wife of Lord Siva and he occupied His half body as
a female and as such Siva became ARDHANAAREESWARA. Lord Vishnu beats
the drums in the evening at the time of Sandhya Tandava of
Maheswara. As such we may not see any difference in betweeen the two
The Sruti also tells the same as "SIVAAYA VISHNU RUPAYA

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