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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shivness in me

My simple thought for Monday was to find the hidden Shiva inside me - discover the magnamity of Shiva - Shivness - that hides inside me - - that quality of Shiva that hides inside us

Can I step up to it?
Do I have the strength to cloak myself with the Shivness (as I know I will be tested...the path of god-ness is certainly not meant to be easy, otherwise the whole world would have adopted by now)?

Shivness, I imagine myself to be HIM....

I think I understand the manifestation of God in humans now - they have attained that heightened spiritual awareness by which they are totally in oneness with the spiritual self...comprehendo?

I think of Love, just that single feeling towards all the human race is good enough to live life. The feeling of joy....I see this guy who runs this lunch place. He has this benevolent smile towards all his customers and I think that life is just a bed of roses for him. It is an attitude, once we realize that life is so beautiful, that all our problems in the past have been insignificant and thus the problems in the present are insignificant too, if we open up our eyes to the world and truly embrace the beauty of living in it, we will then truly be happy. I used to watch a colleague of mine driving next to me as I left work, and I would never see him see me, as he was too engrossed in his thoughts, in the maya, as little annoying scenarios were playing out in his mind. I used to wonder then why did he appear so unhappy or tensed driving down, and now I do a bit of the same. The joy of living goes away, and we do need to re-discover it....living in the moment and truly enjoying the simple joys that life offers. The pettiness and little worries just have no ramification in the long run. It is truly a paradigm shift that we need to make to get over that hump and embrace that Shivness.

The existence of grace
By astrocrazy2005(astrocrazy2005)
The ultimate aim of human is to become God .All of us have equal opportunity to become God.The sinner and the saint have equal opportunity.

There was once a conversation between U.G.Krishnamurthy and Ramana Maharishi...

UG went to Ramana Maharishi and asked him

Whether he can give what he has?

In reply Maharishi replied..

Can you take it?

This is the problem with the whole world ...I guess.We are not ready to take it.Grace gives us a lot of things and when we receive it we are so overpowered by humbleness because our ego has no share in it.There is no victory.But a total surrender and total defeat which ultimately leads to realization.

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