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Monday, June 25, 2007

The spiritual calling...

This is such a simple story. Simplicity is the essence right?
But the flip side, is opportunities that come across our way that we fail to see.
Do they set us back? I do think so.
Are these mundane opportunities?
I am referring to opportunities that truly empower us to make a difference.
The goodness in us is given that opportunity, and sometimes we recognize it - as a Mother Teresa - and sometimes we don't.
Are we hearing our calling?
Are we ready and engaged?
And, the obvious facet of this story is uplifting nature of Shiva Bhakti

From here
One day lord shiva (as the legend goes) was pleased to receive an intelligent,intellectual, extremely learned and blessed guest at his natural residence generally known in epics as KAILASH parvat: After a few hrs the guest expressed his pleasure to meet the almighty and asked for his permission to start his journey back: Lord Shiva pondered for a movement and thought what should he give to the guest as gift: He (the Lord) took out a wrist-full of ash from his holy fire and offered to the man as gift of love and regards: he accepted the gift and paid his thanks: But at his way down the hills he cursed the lord 'hell with the lord, he has given me bulshit ash as a gift.' he felt disgusted and threw his gift into the stormy waters of the ganga flowing nearby. To his surprise and displeasure the ash turned into priceless jwelles and glistering stones. It made the man weep and cry as the wealth was beyond calculations: He thought to regain a same amount/quantity of wealth by visiting back to lord and asking for regrets at his foolish act: He did go back and cried in front of Lord Shiva and asked for forgiveness and for further gifts: Lord shiva smiled and said you have lost the only opportunity that may come in man/woman's life time. He wished that he may come of his sorrow with great patience and wait.

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