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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Story of Markandeya

MAARKANDEYA who was rescued from Yama by no less than Lord Shiva Himself-Om Mruthyunjaya Shivaaya Namaha Om. VIDHAATHA is the second son of BHRIGU and KHYAATHI; VIDHAATHA married NIYATHI and begat MRUKAND ;MRUKAND's wife is MANASWINI ; they were Blessed by HARI - HARA with a Son MAARKANDEYA who is destined to become a great Vedic Scholar , but with a proviso of Life span of only 16 years.

Like all His ancestral Bhaargavs , MAARKANDEYA also is a great Shiva Bhaktha ; So when He came to know that His time is approaching Maarkandeya went to Shiva Temple and started

Yama sent His Kinkaras who were afraid to enter Shiva Temple, whencefore Yama Himself neared Shiva Temple and threw His Lasso (Yama paasam ) which made Shiva Himself come down from Kailaasam to rescue MAARKANDEYA . Yama gracefully yielded ground and blessed MAARKANDEYA as a Chiranjeevi.

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