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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

Authored by "panditarjun2004"

Ek mukh rudraksha is the most sought after and most enquired
rudraksha so much so that any layman who approaches a rudrakshaseller
has his first enquiry on an ek mukh rudraksha.

Let us first see as to how many types of ek mukh rudraksha are
available or made available by the rudraksha sellers.

Half Moon Shaped or Kaju (Cashewnut) Shaped Ek Mukh Rudraksha

This particular bead comes from a tree that belongs to similar
species of rudraksha. But this shape is alien to what is prescribed
in the sacred texts. Since all puranas unanimously mention that a
rudraksha must be round in shape, this crescent shaped bead does not
conform to this basic shape requirement of a rudraksha. However,
since this rudraksha costs only a couple of thousand rupees, it is
the most selling rudraksha, especially by all TV shops.

Oval Shaped Ek Mukh Rudraksha

Oval shaped three mukh rudraksha are grown abundantly in the
Himalayas in Uttarkhand and few of these beads find only one line in
it. Traders in Haridwar are found to be creating oval ek mukh
rudraksha from an oval three mukh rudraksha. Some oval shaped ek
mukh rudraksha also come from the Indonesian islands. Since the
shastras prescribe a rudraksha which must be round in shape, this
oval shape too found no favour with rudraksha lovers.

Round Ek Mukh Rudraksha

Round Ek Mukh Rudraksha is available only from Nepal. Here are many
myths surrounding the round ek mukh rudraksha.

Myth # 1. Ek mukh rudraksha comes from a separate tree which produces
only one rudraksha bead that too only once a year.
Truth is that there is no separate tree for ek mukh rudraksha and all
rudraksha trees yield or produce hundreds of rudraksha every year.
Any round rudraksha that has only one line naturally developed with
no other lines is a genuine round ek mukh rudraksha.

Myth # 2. Ek mukh rudraksha contains symbols of serpent, shivling,
nandi, trident and om on it.
Truth is that all these symbols are artificially crafted by cheaters
who sell on roadside shops at all pilgrim places across India to
gullible devotees. Round ek mukh rudraksha does not contain any of
these symbols at all.

Myth # 3. Ek mukh rudraksha if worn by a person becomes a king or in
modern parlance a minister, chief minister, governor or prime
Truth is that the Nepalese king who used to have several round ek
mukh rudraksha had earlier gifted few of them to the visiting heads
of state and also to few richest and influential people who seek
them. Hence it became visibly worn by the rich and famous. Nowadays
democracy is restored in Nepal and the local farmers who have few
round ek mukh rudraksha beads are making them available to any person
who can afford it.

Myth # 4. Ek mukh rudraksha does not exist at all.
Truth is that it is very much available and I have myself made
available few round ek mukh rudraksha to discerning devotees.

Myth # 5. Ek mukh rudraksha costs several millions of rupees and is
beyond the dream of a layman.
Truth is that the high price is more of a hype created in the minds
of innocent buyers. Last year I made this available for just three
lakhs rupees. Presently this is available for just five lakhs rupees.

Myth # 6. Ek mukh rudraksha if worn by any native gets the best
Truth is that Shivapurana clearly mentions that this round ek mukh
rudraksha needs to be worshipped. Albeit in the previous chapters,
there was a general mention of all rudraksha to be worn, while
narrating each type of rudraksha, lord shiva clearly mentions the
native getting results of ek mukh rudraksha where it is worshipped.

Shivapurana, Vidyesvara Samhita, 25th Chapter, 63 and 64 verses:
Ekavaktram Shivah Saakshaat bhaktimuktiphalaprada: Tasya
darshanamatrena brahmahatya vyapohati.
Yatra sampoojitastatra lakshmirdooratara nahi. Nashyanupadrava:
Sarve sarvakama bhavanti hi.

Ek Mukh Rudraksha itself is lord shiva. It confers both bhakti and
mukti. Just by seeing it, one gets rid of the sin of brahmahatya.
WHERE IT IS WORSHIPPED, lakshmi (goddess of wealth) dwells there and
never leaves that place. All problems in that area are solved. All
desires of the native are fulfilled.


  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for a geniune Ek-mukhi rudraksh. Could you please let me know how and where I can purchase it?


  2. It's a real pity that agenuine rounded one mukhi is beyond the reach of a common man. Nice Post,loved it!

  3. nice post...i liked it.keep going..

  4. I want a genuine 1 mukhi nepali rudraksh and m ready to pay whatever cost u've posted at this site...

  5. Dear Sir,

    I can supply you the genuine round Ek Mukhi Rudraksha of Nepal origin. I am also a dealer of original Dakshinavarti Shankh or Valampuri Shankh. I am from Poona,India. You may contact me on my mail ID: chphadke@gmail.com and chphadke@yahoo.co.in My Mobile No.is: 9822541511.

    With best wishes,
    Chandrashekhar Phadke

  6. hey....i have an ek mukhi rudraksh which belonged to my grandad.He was from nepal and was given it by king mahendra.Now since i have two ek mukhi rudraksh i want to sell one of them.anyone interested can call 08860541676.I welcome any type or any number of tests that anyone wants to do on these rudrakshas.

    1. Hey jitu
      Do you have ek mukhi rudraksh rare nepali round ones which i am interested in for buying? pls let me know email me iyyamani@hotmail.com.

      thank you,


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