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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Badrinath Road Trip

Part 1 is here and part 2 is here

Rishikesh to Badrinath - Episode 1

Rishikesh to Badrinath - Episode 2

Here are snippets

Many, if not most, locals consider Babaji of the Kriya Yoga tradition and Lord Badrinarayan (Sometimes called Badri Vishel or Lord Badrinath. “Badri” is a name for Lakshmi, Vishnu’s consort. “Nath” means husband), to be one and the same.

For all these reasons, Badrinath is considered to be a place to which devout Hindus should make pilgrimage if possible. Many of the Indians who participated in our pilgrimage spoke of having wanted to visit Badrinath since before they came to know of Yogananda. Once they read the Autobiography of a Yogi, their desire increased because Badrinath is said to be in the region where Mahavatar Babaji lives, and many stories associated with personal encounters with him are centered there.

------------ SNIP SNIP -------
Baksawale Baba lives in a small kutir (hut) up a side valley from town, far enough away to dissuade casual visitors. He is a devotee of Babaji, and is known for having a metal box into which he reportedly sequesters himself in a state of samadhi (union with God) during the snowy winter months, astrally (in a disembodied state) traveling with his guru while his body remains protected from the insects, mice and other small animals that might disturb it. Such a thing, if true, is extraordinary and sparks a good measure of curiosity. Mahavir had made prior arrangements to make sure our visit was welcomed, and so we headed up the mountainside to see him.

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The next morning, it was time to say goodbye to Badrinath. We loaded up the cars and made the reverse trip down the mountain to Rishikesh, stopping overnight at Rudraprayag and then at Vashista Guha the next day to meditate in the cave where Swami Purushottamananda lived for forty years.

I had my best meditation of the whole trip there, sitting in the silence on the hard rock floor for well over an hour, absorbing the experiences of the days before.


  1. I am overwhelmed by your Blog, I SEE SHIVA IN YOUR BLOG

  2. I am overwhelmed by your Blog, I SEE SHIVA IN YOUR BLOG

  3. I am overwhelmed by your Blog, I SEE SHIVA IN YOUR BLOG


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